A Developing Vision

This is how we presently see Call the Nation to Prayer.

CTNTP is for all who will pray for the Nation and for all who will call others to pray. It is not an organization as such, but simply a Directive we believe from the Lord to obey Him and to take this message to all who will listen, to every town and to every city – to the church and to the unchurched.

However, we feel that in responding to the vision, Call the Nation to Prayer is likely to have a number of roles. You can read some of Peter Hill’s initial thoughts on these after his second visit to England here.

Currently there are probably two main emphasis for CTNTP:

  • To seek to serve, encourage and bless what is already happening.
  • To join together with the other calls for prayer, to help link up the many centres of prayer particularly connecting where little or no connection exists at present.

uk-map-2There are currently many excellent prayer movements in the UK, or, as Ian Cole at the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham said, “We see that what is happening in the nation is no longer a number of prayer movements, but a movement of prayer sweeping the nation.”

We couldn’t agree more, as the Lord we believe clearly gave this word to ‘Call The Nation To Prayer’, He alone knows the full reason why!

What should we pray?
The following can be prayed from the heart for believers as the guidelines are from the scriptures themselves. We do not know how the Lord will answer these prayers, but as we have said, prayers are being prayed throughout the Nation and a cry is going up to the Lord.
There are three well-known examples that can help clarify:
  • King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20:1-30. Judah was threatened by foreign powers – King Jehoshaphat’s response:   
  1. Alarmed!  
  2. Sought the Lord for help
  3. The Nation was called to fast and pray
  4. The Nation came together to seek help from the Lord, indeed they came from every town in Judah to seek the Lord.
  5. Prayer for the Nation led by Jehoshaphat, followed by prophetic direction and encouragement
  6. Worship, obedience and courage to obey the word of the Lord
  7. Victory
  8. Result – Fear of the Lord and Impact on all the Nations.
  • Jonah – Book of Jonah –  went to Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire and called the Nation to Repentance
(Interesting to note that it was Jonah who had a hard time obeying the Lord!)
  • King George VI – called The Nation To Prayer several times during World War II 

Perhaps most significantly on 26th May 1940, as close to defeat, the entire British Army was trapped at Dunkirk. A miraculous rescue then took place.

From these three examples, we can see that ‘Calling The Nation To Prayer’, could include the following prayer content:
  1. Awareness of the urgency of the times and to pray and seek the Lord
  2. Asking the Lord for help
  3. Fasting and praying
  4. Coming together in Unity to seek help from the Lord
  5. Repentance
  6. Prayers from the heart, including prophetic declaration
  7. Worship
And, of course, The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6 is for all nations – may the Lord’s Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

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