Quite unexpectedly, 1 am, 25 June 2015, Englishman, Peter Hill, was awoken in the bedroom of his home in Canada, to hear God clearly tell him, “Call the Nation to Prayer!” He immediately knew this was the United Kingdom.

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CTNTP was formed in 2016 and has developed as The Lord has led. October 2020 we formed a partnership with The Rooftop global ministry, which has run its course. Now, Autumn 2022, we are feeling that a new season in upon our Nation, and we will again be posting and commenting a little on what we feel The Lord is doing.

You will find amongst the Pages of our site various articles, prophetic words and commentary, both historic and contemporary. In particular that concerning national prayer and revival. Anything you read, should be weighed and considered. We do not seek to categorically say, ‘thus sayeth The Lord’ on any matter!

Peter's Meriden cross photo with sunYou are most encouraged to read about, ‘As One’; two significant linked gatherings that we believe The Lord led CTNTP to organise in 2018, to release Revival Prophecy. The first within the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, then at nearby Meriden – the centre of England. Click here to find out more about As One.

The Market Cross in Meriden – the traditional centre of England – a wonderfully prophetic photo taken the day before ‘As One’.