Call the Nation to Prayer  – working closely with global ministry, The Rooftop


CTNTP has partnered with The Rooftop. On 2nd October 2022 and launched from the UK, there will be The Rooftop Global Encounter, the world’s largest Christian gathering to realign the focus from inside the walls of church buildings to God’s work beyond the walls.

The Rooftop Prayer & Encounter

As early steps to establish The Rooftop in the UK, please join us each Thursday 9pm to 9.30pm- details and Zoom link – Click here 


This website

The vision of CTNTP has developed as The Lord has led and you will find amongst the Pages of our site various articles, prophetic words and commentary, both historic and contemporary. In particular that concerning national prayer and revival.

Now we join with The Rooftop and the journey continues. Future website content will largely reflect this partnership and for the time being give a website presence for The Rooftop specifically for The UK.

Latest updates and items of interest are expressed on Our Blog, Subscribe, via the sign-up box, found to the right on the main site, or which appears as you scroll, on a phone or device.

Peter's Meriden cross photo with sunYou are also particularly encouraged to read about ‘As One’, two significant linked gatherings that we believe The Lord led us to organise in 2018, to release Revival Prophecy. The first within the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, then at nearby Meriden – the centre of England. Click here to find out more about As One.

The Market Cross in Meriden – the traditional centre of England – a wonderfully prophetic photo taken the day before ‘As One’.