‘As One’ 29 Sept 2018 – Feedback

As One A4 portrait

Feedback from the day

Read full reports of the morning ‘As One’ gathering in Coventry – click here – and in the afternoon at Meriden – click here

What a truly amazing day! If you were with us, thank you so much for coming, and we know many also prayed for us around the country.

We asked all those attending ‘As One’, to let us know their story of the day, or what happened later. Also, do let us know of any prophetic words, you received.


We are certain that we ‘dropped a stone in a pond’ and the ripples will continue to reverberate out to our nation and beyond in the months and years ahead. Read a reflection on this by CTNTP founder, Peter Hill – click here.

Write your comment in the Leave a Reply box to display at the bottom of the page, or to privately contact us, email ctntp@outlook.com or click here for our online form.

Click here for more photos.

Click here to read about our distribution of  nearly 4000 copies of Father’s Love Letter.


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