Crossing Over -Lifeboats

Many people who we are in connection with are believing that ‘The Church’, both corporately and us individually, are in a period of transition. We seem to be going somewhere that we have not been before and the old mode of transport, the traditional ways of ‘doing’ or attending church, are largely no longer fit for 21st Century purpose.

An article was published on 4th November 2022, on the Prophecy Today UK website. This is taken from a chapter of a booklet, published last summer, by Issachar Ministries.

The Chapter commences:

Covid restrictions have already changed the face of Church and it will never return to how it was, nor should it. The old ‘ship’ is no longer ‘seaworthy’ for the strength of the ‘stormy’ seas that are ahead. What is needed is a completely different type of vessel altogether, something more akin to a lifeboat. Since its inception, the lifeboat has never been a cruise liner, for entertainment or lecturing or teaching; it has never been a trading vessel or a trawler. It is an emergency vehicle with one task only: to rescue people in danger of perishing in the hope and expectation they will be saved.

You are encouraged to continue to read the article in full here:

In contemplating the article’s content, a video called, Lost at Sea, came quickly to mind. Published a few years ago by Evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke. You will see the clear parallels to the Crossing Over article.

Challenging stuff!

One thought on “Crossing Over -Lifeboats”

  1. Absolutely agree…had a similar picture of a lifeboat a few days ago and have been thinking on very similar lines to all that has been written in this email.


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