The Wind -Prophetic Dream for London and the UK

john-kilpatrickJohn Kilpatrick was blessed to experience the glory of God as Holy Spirit entrusted him with the pastoral oversight of the historic Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida and the Bay Revival in Mobile, Alabama. He currently serves as the founder and executive pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama, USA.

In the last few days, a YouTube video has been released by John, of a ‘prophetic dream’ that John says he experienced on 18th October 2022. John says that he found himself on the streets of London and speaks of a soon to come ‘Wind of the Spirit’ that will sweep that City and other cities and towns across the globe.  This will involving mass healings, miracles, and release from demonic oppression. 

It is interesting to note that, on the same day that we were made aware of John’s dream, an unconnected source posted this meme on a UK prophetic group, referring to The London Underground:

Wind blowing on the Tube

Do take time to view, or read the transcript of John Kilpatrick’s telling of this dream, and be sure to weigh it before The Lord.

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