Prayer brings Revival – what God did in the Hebrides

Hebridean revival
The elderly ‘praying’ sisters with evangelist Duncan Campbell, who was invited to help steward the Hebrides Revival

The last Revival upon the shores of the UK as a whole, was The Hebrides Revival, that took place between 1949 and 1952. It is a truly remarkable story of two elderly sisters, one blind, the other bent with arthritis, who heard from God and were persistent in prayer, until The Holy Spirit literally shook the islands in revival power!

CTNTP were recently reminded of this, after receiving an email containing an article, with part of the amazing story.

We have published the article as a page on the website, entitled, Intercessors of the Hebrides Revival – click here to view.

It is a timely reminder that persistent prayer, prayer that is offered up in response the prompting and guiding of The Spirit, can see this nation utterly transformed. The Hebrides Revival was surely a taster of the greater things to come for the UK?

Justin Welby – 5 days of Prayer approaching Brexit

The following article, dated 23 February, has been taken from the Daily Mail website, (click here to view). Isn’t it encouraging that the secular media are reporting like this?!

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, pictured, said 'life will go on' after Brexit and the nation must rise to the challenge to uniteChurch of England plans five days of PRAYER in a bid to help Britain’s departure from the EU as Archbishop of Canterbury says ‘life will go on’ after Brexit
  • Congregations will be asked to pray for country as Britain approaches March 29
  • Archbishop of Canterbury spoke at Church of England’s General Synod meeting
  • Justin Welby said UK’s facing signs of division ‘more clearly than for generations’

The Church of England is planning to urge churchgoers to take part in five days of prayer in a bid to help Britain’s departure from the EU.

Congregations will be asked to pray for the country as Britain approaches March 29.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said ‘life will go on’ after Brexit and the nation must rise to the challenge to unite around a common good that cares for the most vulnerable.

A church spokesman said the move would wedge support behind politicians, with healthy conversations taking place to try to ease unrest.

The Synod members also urged people to pray for ‘all who are in high positions, as it is easier to stand on the sidelines and judge, as we do not have to make the decisions’.

Speaking at the meeting of the Church of England’s General Synod, Justin Welby said Britain was facing signs of division ‘more clearly than for generations’.

The Archbishop said: ‘Today we see signs of division, perhaps more clearly than for generations in peace time, they concern inequality and injustice and they obscure hope for many.

‘There is exclusion from the sense of common purpose and of equal rights in our society, politically, economically and socially.

‘Life will go on, and God’s mission is not stopped by such events, rather we are called to rise to the challenge here and across Europe, where the diocese is particularly affected.

‘Brexit has revealed how our politics and society have for many decades not paid sufficient attention to the common good that is shared life in a society in which everyone is able to flourish.

‘The pain and exclusion continues in this country. If we do not as a nation pay attention it will cause greater division.’

He added: ‘We hear the prophets tell us that justice must roll down like rivers and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream, the Bible does not do trickle-down economics, a theory long discredited.

‘It does rolling rivers of justice, the scriptures call us to solidarity with the poor and to common good.

‘The reality of exclusion and division is seen in the difficulty of our political system to build a consensus and find a common path forward.

‘How we recover from and heal these divisions may be the biggest challenge that lies ahead of us.’

The Archbishop of York John Sentamu, pictured, said a prayer ahead of Britain leaving the EUThe Archbishop of York John Sentamu said a prayer ahead of Britain leaving the EU.

This would be an open welcome plea to reconnect the fractured state of politics in the nation, working alongside other faith leaders.

National Call to Prayer 28th March

On 4th February, we published a Post with details of this National Call to Prayer from Christians in Government – click here.

A reminder to check out their website: and check out this short video.

Note the references within the video to prayer during World War II. you might be interested in these accounts we published some while ago of Angels and Miracles during the World Wars – click here.

Prophetic Word – A Fresh Uprising of Prayer in Great Britain

Our attention has been drawn to this prophetic word from Jarrod Cooper, dated 23 February 2019, as published on the UK Prophetic Words site:

We are particularly drawn to the section headed, A Fresh Uprising of Prayer – a grassroots movement of prayer arising:

‘A fresh uprising, a surge of prayer, worship, praise and prophetic intercession is about to burst through the veins of the Church in Great Britain, brought by heaven itself. ‘


Prophetic Word Regarding Great Britain & Brexit

Jarrod CooperWhile in prayer today I sensed God speaking into the nation at this time of political upheaval (Brexit) and change. Sorry if any of these concepts offend anyone’s political views, but let me simply explain what I saw:

I saw Great Britain as a tree that once stood alone, but was now hidden among a great forest of many trees, having lost its distinction and unique purpose. Quite literally, for many in the public and many in power, there was little clarity, and a loss of true purpose under the dark, damp overgrown canopy created by the large forest.

But then change stirred. There was a shifting in the landscape, a splintering, a small but ultimately seismic shift, that brought about a definite divine change: While Britain did not stand completely alone, there was enough change in the branches around about and enough adjustment in the landscape to allow her distinct shape and purpose to be seen. Then I noticed that as the branches in the canopy of the forest had shifted, a new wave of sunlight hit the ground around her for the first time in a long time, and new life began to burst forth.

I believe God is saying, that while the political shifts that will take place over the next months and years will not bring about the clear and full political extreme “breakaway” that some have desired, a greater shift has indeed taken place in the heavenlies, throwing fresh light and fresh purpose, and a new surge of power from heaven will touch the land. There will become just enough distinction in the heavenlies over Great Britain for her divine purpose to be re-ignited.

As the fresh sunlight hits the ground, and the heavenly landscape adjusts, I see it is as though a divine defibrillator is at work, stirring the church in the nation once again. As sunlight warms the earth, seeds of ancient purpose, revivals and the prayers of saints over centuries, begin to warm, and the ground itself begins to stir…

A Fresh Uprising of Prayer

A fresh uprising, a surge of prayer, worship, praise and prophetic intercession is about to burst through the veins of the Church in Great Britain, brought by heaven itself. Meetings large and small, to worship, encounter and pray, will begin to build a new kind of canopy, a canopy of praise, that heaven’s kingdom will rest upon. Thousands of small prayer meetings, in cities and villages across the nation, will draw heaven near in this time. The King desires to be “enthroned on the praises of His people!” and He is preparing the heavens over Great Britain for His arrival!

Many have thought worship has already been renewed in recent decades, but a fresh uprising is about to take worshippers to a whole new level- It will be like heaven on earth at times.

In this time, do not look to the corridors of parliament for powerful changes in the nation, but look to the closets of the praying – the Church is the heart of power in the nation and the nations, and a fresh wave of prayer is about to sweep over the land. This uprising of prayer will lead to power – power among the saints on the streets, in workplaces, in communities and in places of influence, in ways many have never seen nor imagined before. The healing touch of heaven will be magnified in power as the Church prays and worships.

For Such a Time As This

Where many have “dug ditches,” creating channels of influence into communities over years through social action, and have become disappointed at the kingdom results, they will realise they have been digging “for such a time as this” – many inroads of influence into communities, the poor and the many spheres of influence in the nation, local and national, will become irrigation channels, filled with the prayers and the powers of a new season of heaven coming upon the nation. Many will realise they had been preparing the land “for such a time as this.”

As Britain attempts to readjust its position in Europe, there will also be a fresh uprising of compassion for mainland Europe,resulting in new waves of missionaries from Britain to the mainland, carrying this fresh prayer and power to community after community. I even see many that have travelled from African nations to the U.K. will also find themselves moving into mainland Europe. A compassionate move of missions, fuelled by prayer and armed with heavens power, is about to stir across the new landscape of Great Britain and Europe.

While many will complain that there are still too many political entanglements with Europe in the coming years, enough of a divine shift in the heavens will have taken place to release God’s divine sunlight on Great Britain. Focus on the fresh light shining from the heavens in this season, rather than the problematic purposes of man. There is a Greater divine work taking place than can ever be wrought by the human corridors of power.

Pray with me – “Father, Your Kingdom COME, Your will be done…in Great Britain, as it is in heaven!”

Jarrod Cooper February 23, 2019

Note: As with all prophetic words, the bringer of the message is, of course, fallible! … so please prayerfully judge this before God.

Jarrod Cooper is an author, songwriter, broadcaster and communicator, and the leader of Revive Church in Hull & East Yorkshire, and its training team, Revive Academy of Leadership & the Arts.


Father’s Love Letter – could you help deliver 1000’s across the nation?

Front of Father's Love Letter for CoventryAt the CTNTP ‘As One’ event, in September last year, we distributed nearly 4,000 copies of Father’s love letter – read about it: click here

We were therefore so encouraged to read the following in a recent newsletter circulation by our friends from, Neighbourhood Prayer Network.

Can you support them to get thousands more into homes around our nation?

Here’s the article from the Neighbourhood Prayer Network newsletter, do contact them, there is a place to click within the article for their email address:

Neighbourhood Prayer Network Article

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, a day of joy for some or misery for others.  As many received their valentine’s cards yesterday,  a teenager near you was feeling the pain of rejection and sinking further into despair.  Yesterday this teenager harmed themselves due to the pain they felt, not just about Valentine’s day, but so much more.  More than 100,000 children aged 14 are self harming! 

The good news is that prayer does work!  Please pray for young people near you this week, so that this epidemic of self harm will stop! 

When reading these horrific statistics or seeing first hand the reality of suicidal teens, I can’t help wonder how different their lives might be if they were to know Jesus personally and have God to turn to in their troubles.  Our culture frowns upon sharing our faith with others, but perhaps if teenagers knew God- their lives would improve?

We are considering re-releasing the Father’s Love Letter as a mass resource for individuals and churches.  We share this older testimony with you from 2013.

Please can you let us know by email if you would order the Father’s Love Letter, before we dedicate precious resources to printing them.  In the past, we have ordered over 100,000 and seen these distributed throughout the UK.


FROM : London (NW9), Living Way, Foursquare Gospel Church, about The Father’s Love Letter.

Thank God for the writer of the Holy Spirit’s ‘Father’s Love Letter’. We missed out of the planned distribution for Valentine day, but God has a better plan than ours. Instead of dropping the cards into homes for Valentine, we had ample opportunity to properly address them as real letters – in envelopes addressed to ‘Dear Residents, London NW9’.

At least 3 people said that they were encouraged, one lady sent a text message to say that she felt loved, one elderly lady came on Good Friday with a thank you card and a letter for the reassuring ‘Father’s Love Letter’ she received the previous day, looking for our Church. She was a Christian before she married. She felt that she had betrayed the priest, so she stopped going to Church for a very long time. In her letter, she asked if we would welcome her. I immediately replied and hand-delivered the letter at her given address.

Please remember to pray for Anne to come back fully to God in the fellowship of believers. Pray also for Keily, whose son is in prison and was overwhelmed with the Mother’s day hamper she received from us and the Father’s Love Letter that followed. She was at our cafe church Easter celebration activities yesterday. Please pray also that our Church will grow in quality and quantity.

Praise God. Pastor Hope Yoloye  12th April 2013 Newsletter.

London on the Brink – 2nd of 4 nights of prayer – Ilford – 8 Mar

A New Sound for The Kingdom IS rising over our Nation and before Christmas, we were excited to hear of four ALL NIGHT meetings, during the first part of 2019, to create a New Sound over London!

The second will be from 10 pm Friday 8th March, in Ilford.

Register via Eventbrite:

London on the Brink poster.JPG

A call to 4 nights of Praise, Worship and Declaration at the Four Gateways of London – Releasing Heaven’s New Sound over the City from the North, South, East and South Gates.

These meetings are jointly hosted by Liberation Ministries – and Passion for the Nation – (which is closely associated to Call the Nation to Prayer).

The 4 Meetings are: –
North Gate – January 11th 2019 – Wembley Christian Centre, Carlton Avenue East, HA9 8LX
East Gate – March 8th 2019 – Capstone Church, 316 High Road, Ilford IF2 2QW
West Gate – 10th May 2019 – Chiswick Christian Centre, Fraser Street W4 2DA
South Gate – July 5th 2019 – Venue to be announced

UPRising 2019 – Contending for a UK Youth Awakening: 8 – 11 July 2019

Uprising 2019

I was at a World Prayer Centre, Prayer Day yesterday and heard about United Prayer Rising for Europe, or UPRising Europe, which is a call to believers from every nation in Europe to come together to seek God and pray for a youth awakening across our continent.

In January 2019, there was a Global UPR event in Indonesia. Look at this amazing and inspiring video clip introducing that event, as to what God can do, when the potential of our young people is realised in prayer:

Later this year, UPRising Europe comes to Britain – a gathering from 51 nations, to see the youth of our continent and nation awakened for The Kingdom!

We are not the organisers, but CTNTP wants YOU to get involved. The event is for all ages – you might be able to go, if not, you can pray – you may be able to give – we were told yesterday, that as an initial sum, £9000 is required in the next few days!

Read more below and on the UPRising Europe website –

Give here:

Be part of a Kingdom Movement that is gathering momentum across the face of the earth – Great Britain is surely next?

David Gilbey, Co-ordinator  CTNTP

Uprising Surope

From the UPRising Europe website:

Uprising 2019 will be at Ashburnham Place (Battle, UK) from Monday 8th (7.30pm) to Thursday 11th July (9.30pm) 2019 – where we will gather people of all ages from each of Europe’s 51 nations for 3 days of worship, fellowship and contending for a youth awakening across Europe.

The backbone of this gathering will be 72 hours of non-stop worship and prayer led by worship teams of young people from all over Europe. We want to see young people from each of their nations bringing their own unique flavour, style of music and worship songs in their own language alongside English songs. These are the grassroots, passionate worship and prayer leaders who are faithful to where God has placed them and willing to contend for Europe.

Out of this will flow prayer and intercession for Europe, with occasional inspiration from speakers in our main sessions and seminars. There will also be prayer for these young people to be sent with a lasting fire to see their cities and nations changed by Jesus.

We want to foster family too – Uprising 2019 will be at the beautiful Ashburnham Place in 220 acres of stunning countryside, where we will have corporate meal times and times of connecting young people across the nations of Europe.

At a critical time for Europe, Uprising 2019 is a chance to take hold of God’s heart for this continent and for us to stand shoulder to shoulder to contend for a great youth awakening.

About the Venue: Ashburnham Place provides a place for retreat, rest, refreshment and connection for people from all walks of life. It is stewarded by the Ashburnham Christian Trust and is home to a serving community of Christians from many traditions (many of them 18-25 year old international volunteers). It is set in 220 acres of stunning grounds and gardens with three lakes and an abundance of nature.

Accommodation: There will be catered accommodation in shared accommodation (double or family / dormitory rooms) AND catered or non-catered camping in the grounds of Ashburnham Place.

Pricing: Tickets and pricing will be released shortly. Please watch our news page or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – from where we will announce availability.

international-prayer-connect-logoWe anticipate that a movement of millions of youth will be ignited as this prayer and mission movement rolls out around the world in successive waves. Supporting this focus on the youth and children is the most strategic thing that any of us can do for Christ’s work on earth.

John Robb
Chairman, International Prayer Council