Are we Lemmings heading for the Cliff Edge?

Have our eyes glazed over? Have we stuck fingers in both our ears? Have we all become like lemmings heading for the cliff edge?!

The COP26 Global Climate Summit starts today… for HEAVEN’S sake, what on EARTH are we, the Christian Church, God’s Ekklesia, doing about it all?!

The World meets, in what seems to have become some frenzied, activist and media fuelled, last ditch attempt for doomed humanity, by our own efforts, to save our planet from inevitable, imminent, total and utter destruction!

I came across the below short video this morning, based on Romans 8:22.

‘To this day we are aware of the universal agony and groaning of creation, as if it were in the contractions of labour for childbirth’. (TPT).

The Bible makes it clear that all we see will not simply end, but be re-birthed, re-created, back to God’s original and perfect blueprint. Mankind and our planet in beautiful harmony. A ‘Garden of Eden’, where we will once again walk in the cool of the day with our Creator.

Yet, God’s plan for this restoration does not come by somehow pulling OURSELVES up by our own boot straps! That is impossible. But it is rather by accepting His offer of reconciliation and salvation, through a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

John 3:16: For here is the way God loved the world—he gave his only, unique Son as a gift. So now everyone who believes in him will never perish but experience everlasting life. (TPT).

So don’t be fearful, do not panic, know the certainty of your salvation and place in the new heaven and earth that the Bible promises. And pray and be bold to tell all around you, the very Good News of re-birth, not of Global destruction.

David Gilbey
UK Pioneer, The Rooftop

Prophetic Creative Day in Essex – Saturday 2nd October 2021

If you live within or near to Essex, we invite you to a Prophetic Creative Day.

CTNTP co-founder and UK Pioneer of The Rooftop, David Gilbey is on the steering team of Transforming Essex Intercessors and will be installing The River of Life in an upper room, for opportunity for an Encounter with God.

Doors open at 10am to 4pm and you may arrive and leave at anytime during the day.

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer – Landmark of Hope -Crowdfunding launched

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will be a Christian architectural sculpture built in Coleshill near Birmingham, in the heart of the UK

It will be a colossal piece of public art; a giant infinity loop built of one million bricks reaching 50m into the sky

Every brick will represent a story of how someone has prayed and how God has answered

Visitors will be able to point their phone at a brick to reveal the story of hope that lies within.

This will be a piece of public art that provokes a conversation about prayer, giving visitors the space to reflect on the role of prayer in the nation and in their lives. It is about how one person’s answered prayer can become another person’s hope.

CTNTP and The Rooftop encourage you to find out more about this amazing project and with all the preliminaries in place, to consider being part of the Crowdfund, for £2.5 million, that will actually start construction in Spring 2022.


The next Rooftop Prayer & Encounter -this Thursday 16th Sept

For all in the UK, we invite you to a time of encounter and exploration!

1st and 3rd Thursdays, 8pm to 9pm, The Rooftop Prayer & Encounter is a time to meet with God, pray into The Rooftop ministry in the UK and to gain understanding of what going to ‘a rooftop’ means.

Together we are:

    • Exploring the vision of The Rooftop
    • Praying for the 2022 Global Encounter
    • Praying for the development and direction of  The Rooftop in the UK
    • And not least, making space for our own life changing, ‘rooftop encounter’ with God

Everyone is very welcome to log in. Come find out more and journey with us.

The meetings are hosted by UK Pioneer, David Gilbey. 

1st and 3rd Thursdays, 8pm to 9pm
Meeting ID: 810 337 077

Also visit


We reproduce this Prophetic Word, released today by Lana Vawser, for your discernment. We feel it strongly resonates with all The Lord is doing at this time of shaking. It is speaking of a new personal and intimate Encounter with God, that will herald in this new season.

NOTE: In relation to The Rooftop ministry and going to ‘a rooftop’- do not be confused when the word indicates in a couple of places, not to herald all you are doing from rooftops. This is speaking of pridefully displaying and announcing all you are doing for the Lord! Going to a rooftop to pray, as per Peter in Acts 10, was a private place with God, where Peter received such revelation that he abandoned his Jewish pride and (forbidden by Jewish law), went to the house of a Gentile. Result, The Holy Spirit fell and the gospel of Jesus Christ started a radical journey across the globe. All through one man’s humility, intimacy with God and unquestioning obedience to His voice!!

The source of the below word can be found here:


Recently, I heard the Lord say “Your depth of surrender to Me is positioning you to stand in new places.”

After hearing this I was taken into a vision. I was so moved as I watched what was taking place in this vision. I saw the season shifting and major transition taking place and the sound of “surrender” was being heralded loudly from the heavens. It was the sound of surrender to the ways of the Lord and the “PROCESS” of the Lord. As the sound went forth, many were surprised by the “PROCESS” that came with the alarm that was going forth. It was unexpected. The way was completely different, but there was such a deep invitation being extended from the Lord to “lay down”, “let go” and “surrender”.

One of the things that moved me deeply was when I saw many friends of God all over the earth beginning to fall face down before the Lord and they were offering to Him that which He was asking. There was ‘pain’ in letting go, but their hearts to worship Him and follow His way, far outweighed the pain of ‘letting go’. There was a deep recognition and cry in their hearts that was building stronger and stronger that heralded “When I said I would follow Your way and follow You anywhere I meant it, it’s for YOU Jesus, it’s all for YOU”.

What also struck me was this surrender was SO deep, it was so deep and costly, it was a sound of humility and love for Jesus that was so LOUD in the spirit, and the Lord whispered to me “Look where it is happening”. When I looked closer the “knowing” came to me what the Lord was trying to say. It was happening in the “hidden place”. It was happening in a place before the Lord where it was an offering being given to Jesus that was not being heralded from the rooftops. It was happening in the most beautiful place of intimacy before the Lord, it was happening in such a deep place where it was truly their deepest desire to give Him everything out of burning adoration and LOVE for Him.

It was not being heralded from the rooftops so all could ‘see’ how much they love Jesus. It was not coming from a place of pride where the sacrifice was being placed as a “badge” upon them so all could see how devoted to Jesus they are. It was coming from such a deep place of purity and burning love for Him, for their first love.

As this was taking place, I watched as the heart of Jesus was SO moved. He was MOVED by their love. He was MOVED by their purity, their devotion, their humility and obedience. He was MOVED by their faithfulness.

His words surrounded me again “Your depth of surrender to Me is positioning you to stand in new places” (James 4:10)

I began to see the Lord leading them into new places, assignments and positions that would have them see a move of God that was unprecedented. The Lord was leading them into realms of carrying His heart and the secrets of His heart in such beautiful, deep places. I was so moved by the heart of Jesus as I could feel His heart for them that their faithfulness to Him, had moved His heart and had positioned them to carry more than they have before.

Where they ‘let go’, where they ‘partnered with His way’ and followed in complete obedience, there was a greater land of expanse upon them. The test of either remaining where they were for whatever reason or following Jesus into His process which has required a major letting go and major changes, they have responded with wholehearted consecration to the Lord and now there is great reward upon them.

I have said this so many times, and I will continue to say it as it burns stronger and stronger in me by the day. Your obedience to the Lord, your humility and following His way is positioning you to move with Him in seeing the greatest move of the Spirit of God in your midst.

James 4:10 resounded loudly.. “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.”

He is looking for the humble, those who will humble themselves before Him and not stand before Him with pride, when He is asking them to lie down in deep yielded dependence and oneness with Him and His way.

God is looking for those who will build with Him, in His way, on His terms, not build for God in how they want and expect God to step in. It’s all in for Jesus, and there has been a very deep consecration, letting go and clearing out that many of you have been through and many are going through, and you’ve let go of many things because He has asked for them, but you have done it out of a heart of burning adoration for Jesus and that friends, has positioned you to stand in new places with Jesus to see a mighty move of His Spirit and His name lifted high and glorified. There is great reward upon you, faithful one. The Lord wants you to know how moved He has been by your faithfulness. Your consecration to Him has moved His heart deeply.

He is entrusting you with more. He is increasing the expanse of new territories and gardens He will have you tend with Him, where a move of His Spirit is and will take place that will truly be unprecedented. You had to let go and die to some things, to come into the expanse of the life of the new birthings upon your life.

Copyright to Lana Vawser Ministries © 2021

The Rooftop Prayer & Encounter – all are welcome

Zoom1st and 3rd Thursdays, 8pm to 9pm
Meeting ID: 810 337 077

Next is this Thursday 3rd June.

The Rooftop exists to equip Christians to join Jesus in his mission by equipping disciples who make disciples. It is inspired by Peter’s rooftop encounter with God recorded in Acts 10, which led to the spread of the Gospel ‘beyond the walls’ of the church.

2nd October 2022, The Rooftop Global Encounter, will be launched from Chelmsford in Essex, the birthplace of radio and indeed all modern communications. Marconi, a Christian and man of prayer, had a vision of the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ being transmitted across the globe. So do we!

The Rooftop Global Encounter is anticipated to be to be the world’s largest Christian gathering, aiming to realign the focus from inside the walls of church buildings to God’s work beyond the walls.

The Rooftop Prayer & Encounter - no City Prayer logo --amended for twice monthly June 2021

1st and 3rd Thursdays, from 8pm until 9pm, The Rooftop Prayer & Encounter is a time to meet with God, pray into The Rooftop ministry in the UK and to gain understanding of what going to ‘a rooftop’ means.

Everyone is very welcome to log in. Come find out more and journey with us.

The meetings are hosted by UK Pioneer for The Rooftop, David Gilbey.

For further and updated  information you can take a look here:

Worship on the Streets – could you?

We love what Worship on the Streets is doing and through reading their latest newsletter, they are back on the streets of Newcastle and around Northumberland.

Take a look at what Worship on the Streets are all about. Could you do something similar to being the Sound of The Kingdom to your own City, town or community?

Check out this short video clip of Worship on the Streets in Morpeth Market Square just recently.

(Note that Worship on the Streets is not connected to CTNTP or The Rooftop).

Have you considered Prayer Walking your community?

2016-09-25 17.18.36

We believe that increasingly, God has been telling His Church to leave their buildings to be a ‘light’ to their communities.  

Prayer is vital, not only in asking God to bless those where we live, or declaring scriptural truths over our towns and cities, but to listen to His voice for what He is already doing and how we might join Him in His mission.

Prayer Walking our neighbourhoods, streets, highways and by-ways of the UK is an amazing way of engaging with God’s heart. A we go out with our ‘spiritual antennas up’, The Lord will tell us how to pray and what to do.

Here are a couple of organisations that have some great ideas on getting started.

Neighbourhood Prayer Network

A Mile with Jesus book coverThe updated and redesigned the ‘A Mile with Jesus’ Prayerwalking guide, will really help you understand your local community and how to pray for everything within it.  It gives so many hints and tips for Prayer Walking. 

The vision of A Mile with Jesus was originally given to Rachael Fola, the Neighbourhood Prayer Network, A Mile with Jesus Coordinator who has faithfully been encouraging thousands of their members to go and Prayer Walk their local community with some spiritual intelligence. 

More about Neighbourhood Prayer Network at: 

A Mile with Jesus has been produced in collaboration with Hope Together.

Single Copies and Church Packs (60% off) are now available through PetersBrook.  Click Here to Order.


Hope for Every Home – the Oikos Outreach App

Hope for Every homeHope for Every Home -which is part of Hope Together and is a Resource Partner of Neighbourhood Prayer Network –  focuses on the local providing everyday ways to support churches and individuals to share the love of Jesus with their neighbours, friends and communities.

Their website  – – contains a number of prayer resources and uniquely, details of how you can download and use the Oikas Outreach App on your phone.

Oikas Prayer AppThe Oikos Outreach App allows you to tag where you have prayed, cared and shared the love of Jesus with people. Your street, road,  lane, home…it starts wherever you are. The tags are saved on the app. You can see where you have been and where others have been too. Become part of a movement trying to reach the whole nation for Jesus street by street, home by home…to the last home.

The Confused Christian?

The Rooftop talks about Christians who go beyond the walls of the church, joining Jesus in His Mission and making Disciples who make Disciples.

Christians become Confused?

Christians look one way and see a building that has formed their view as to what church is. They usually know that is not actually true, but years of ‘conditioning’ means they can’t help it!

They look the other way and see ‘the world’

Christians are typically taught that Evangelism happens out in ‘the world’, but that Discipleship happens in ‘the church’. There are often special discipleship meetings or a course laid on. Much of the time this is about how to become a good Christian and avoid sin.

But, as Jesus modelled for us, Evangelism takes place outside the church, in the world, a big frightening place, where people seemingly and increasingly don’t understand or like Christians, or our message. A few ‘special Christians’ seem to be called to be ‘Evangelists’ and although we sort of know we should be too, we lack the training or confidence.

Many of us are confused Christians, who do not know what to do, so the easiest thing is to decide to become Disciples rather than Evangelists because then we haven’t got to go out and speak to all those scary people about Jesus!

A Paradigm Shift is needed.

But the Bible teaches that ALL Disciples of Jesus are also on His Mission. We have access to the empowerment of The Holy Spirit to go out and do this. Therefore, we are also all about Evangelism and must be engaged in being Disciples who make Disciples, beyond the walls of the church.

Matthew 4:19: ‘Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”’

Jesus is above everything

So we need to start again, with Jesus. He is head of The World AND The Church – that being us, His followers, not a building. It is not about how full a church building gets, that can often be a reason for mission and unfortunately frequently becomes self seeking and serving.

When we recognise Jesus Christ is at the head of all, Discipleship and Evangelism become the same thing. Maybe we would better have just one word, Evangleship or Discipleism!

This third illustration has been described as a prophetic picture. Christians equipped and trained, filled with the power of The Holy Spirit, leaving their buildings and passionately engaging with the world, as Disciples, who make Disciples.

Which napkin are you on?!

David Gilbey
UK Pioneer, The Rooftop

(Base material for this article and illustrations by Rev. Dennis Pethers, Founder of The Rooftop)