Pray during Prisons Week – 13 to 19 October

We encourage you to get involved in praying during next month’s Prisons Week.

More information and to download prayers you can use each day during the week – click here

‘He sets his people free. He made his agreement everlasting. He is holy and wonderful.’ Psalm 111:9 (NCV)

God’s will and intention for all his people is freedom – the freedom to be the people he created them to be. As Prison Chaplains we work with people who often find it hard to believe that God has any interest in them or their lives. They struggle with the concept that they are made in the image of God and do not dare to hope that they may have a future in God which does not involve crime, arrest and imprisonment. In the same way, those whose lives have been marred by crime and its effects, or whose work brings them into daily contact with its destructiveness, often struggle to see a new future in which the promise of freedom in Christ might be fulfilled.

This Prisons Week we give thanks that the freedom which God offers is available to all, even to those whose liberty has been temporarily or permanently taken away by society. As we pray together for all those who come into contact with the criminal justice system in any way, we share in that work of establishing God’s covenant of redemption – that each person, precious to God, might discover what freedom can truly mean for them.

The Ven. James Ridge, Chaplain General/Head of Faith Services, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service


Awaken Sleeping Christians!

From David Gilbey, UK Coordinator of CTNTP:

In but not of this world

I have recently felt The Lord prompting me to again carefully consider the fact that as Followers of Jesus we are, ‘in but not of this world’.

Just before Jesus was crucified, He spoke these words recorded in John 17:14-19:

I have given them your word, and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world. And for their sake I consecrate myself, that they also may be sanctified in truth.

God seems to have been strongly reminding me that as we live in a world that for the most part moves in the natural visible realm, Christians must at all times maintain a ‘Spiritual perspective’.

Stretch above the Clouds

Image result for aerial view city cloudsMany years ago, as The Lord had was starting to take me through a dramatic period of change, I received a simple prophetic word:

“Stretch your head above the clouds and you will see clearly what I want you to do”

Initially, I had no idea what this meant, until a few months later I was on a flight out of London Gatwick Airport. Looking out of the aircraft window, I peered beneath the clouds and saw whole cities and towns stretched out below. Look at things from a higher level, from MY perspective, The Lord seemed to be saying, not from your ground level 180 degree view!

Pastors – “They’re not ready…”

Wanda AlgerTwo recently published ‘prophetic’ articles have just come to my attention, which also carry this theme. I feel they are important enough to share, but of course with the usual caveat to carefully weigh any Words with an apparent prophetic edge or title:

The first is written – and there is a video too – by Wanda Alger, from the USA, who I have not heard of before, entitled, Prophetic Dream for pastors: “They’re not Ready…”. It starts:

Several weeks ago my husband, Bobby, who is a local community pastor, had a significant dream. He was meeting with the pastors from our city when several large angels dropped down from the rafters with a message. They looked at the gathering and told my husband, “They don’t know the battle that’s coming. They are unaware.”…

Read the whole article here:

Three prophecies to help open the eyes of sleeping Christians

Miracle of Dunkirk newspaper cuttingThe second article, which highlights three well previously given and well regarded prophecies, is authored by a friend of CTNTP, Pastor John of Strengthen the Faithful, also author of the Wartime Miracles Leaflet, which we have previously highlighted  – click here for more about this.

In Pastor John’s introductory email to the article, he writes:

Just as you are, I am increasingly concerned about the countless church attenders in our Nation who have absolutely no understanding of the times we are living in. They are spiritually fast asleep.  With this in mind I have put together the attached article in an easy to read format, for use as “outreach” material in order to make such people begin to think. I tried it first on my own Bible Study group and it proved very powerful so I have no doubt that it works. Please however use it prayerfully and wisely.

May the Dear Lord hear the prayers of His Faithful Remnant.


View the above article from Pastor John as a PDF – click here.

61-61 – The Call from Wembley 31 August 2019

Just received from World Prayer Centre, Birmingham –

WPC 61-61

61-61:  The Call from Wembley 31 August 2019

On 31 August at the Wembley Arena Day of Prayer, we prayed that in these days of national uncertainty, hostility and division, the church will stand in the opposite spirit of unity and humility demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit in word and action.

We prayed that in answer to our humility, sacrifice and obedience, the fire of God will fall on the church and our nation.  We believe at this time God is calling us to really persevere in prayer, stand on the truths of His Word and believe that despite what we see and hear, His purposes are being outworked as we the church, carry the Jesus mandate of Isaiah 61 across the nation.

Whatever happens politically, we believe it is time for the Good News to be preached, the broken-hearted to be healed, freedom to the captives and release for those who are bound.

We issued a 61-day Prayer Call focused on Isaiah 61 and it’s not too late for you to join the call.

Download a pdf of the Nationwide Call to Prayer – click here

Walk a Mile with Jesus 22nd to 28th Sept. and Manchester event 28th Sept.

From our friends at Neighbourhood Prayer Network  –

A Mile with Jesis banner

On the 22nd to the 28th September, we are asking individual Christians, home groups/prayer groups and churches to walk a distance of a mile and to pray. We ask that you invite Jesus to walk with you on the journey and let him direct your prayers.  We have more about this on our website  – click here.

We will also be having our first celebration event in Manchester on the 28th September.

CWA Main Auditorium
1 Beckford Street
Newton Heath

Rebekah Brettle will be speaking at this event.  If you live in Greater Manchester for the North West, we invite you to attend – Entry is free and an offering will be taken.

We are looking for hosts in other areas of the community – simply to be a place to come together to share God’s insights in your area with others and to fellowship with others, so that we don’t feel alone at this time.  If you could host a local event in Scotland, London, Wales, Northern Ireland, the South West,  the Midlands please let us know.

An update on the National Day of Prayer – Wembley 31st August

Image result for wembley prayer 31 augustIan and Pauline Cole and Steve Botham of World Prayer Centre, Birmingham, were at the Day of Prayer for Britain on Saturday.  Here’s an update from Steve.

The Day of Prayer for the Nation at Wembley on August 31st was a releasing day. There was a wonderful spirit of worship and expectation as a glorious diversity of leaders from across the country, the denominations, the nations, and generations, led prayer. Five key themes emerged as we move into a new phase in our nation:

  1. Unity – we will all have different views on Brexit and many other issues but we are God’s chosen people if we have given our lives to Jesus. We are family where love, honour and togetherness bind us.
  2. Humility – we are like the fishermen who said Lord we have toiled all night and taken nothing but at your word, we will let down the nets. We are crying for more of Jesus and less of us. We want to get rid of pride, and uncertainty concerns about our reputation and standing and status. Our focus is Jesus.
  3. Awake – God is calling us into action NOW
  4. The fire and glory of God – as we humble ourselves, as we are of one heart and one mind, as we awake – the fire of God comes. There was a deep, powerful prayer for the fire to fall. But there is more to do, we need sustained prayer and hunger for the fire to fall wherever God has put us. He has His hand on our nation – this is His time.
  5. The fullness of God – God’s fullness comes on the church in Britain when we unite when we embrace the blessings of the many new nations God has sent to the UK, and when we release the young people. We can be people who hold back blessing by giving our energy to criticising, but God calls us to be powerful releasers of blessing – proclaimers of Jesus in what we do and say. Holy Spirit release us into the fullness.

As one speaker put it – we are in Christ not in crisis*. Another spoke powerfully about the call on our nation not just to be a gospel sender but as the Shepherd to the nations. We stand in awe at what God is doing.

The WPC Team


*Colin Urquhart: “I said to the Lord this morning, ‘Lord, help us in this crisis!’ And the Lord replied, ‘What crisis? Heaven is not in crisis. … I am not in crisis. ….And if your faith is in me, you are not in crisis, either.’ “

The Creative Word – by Derek Prince

Yesterday, 2nd September, we produced a Post with a just published article by R T Kendall concerning The Word and The Spirit coming together and that when they do, revival will come – click here to read it.

Image result for derek princeWell we’ve now discovered, seemingly published the very same day, 2nd September, a Devotional by Derek Prince, entitled The Creative Word, in which Derek reflects a very similar thought.

The Lord seems to again be drawing our attention back to the very important fact that The Word and The Spirit must always work together.

What do you hear The Spirit say? Could revival be at hand?

Read the Devotional from Derek Prince’s website – click here – or read below the version which was passed to us by email:


September 2, 2019

The Creative Word

Psalm 33:6, 9

By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth. For he spoke and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm. NIV

Ever since human history began men have speculated as to the origin of the universe in which we live. What is the first cause? How did it all come into being? And endless different theories have been offered and are still being offered today, but the Bible reveals the real supreme first cause of the universe: it’s the Word of the Lord and the breath of His mouth. Everything that was ever created came into being when the Lord spoke the word and the breath (or the Spirit) of His mouth went out together with that word.

In the opening chapter of Genesis it says that the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters and then it says the Lord spoke: “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’” And the union of the word and the Spirit of God brought forth that which God spoke.

Here the psalmist says, “He spoke and it came to be. He commanded, and it stood firm.” The Lord spoke the universe into being. His word and His Spirit together brought about creation.

The important and exciting thing to realize is that when God’s Word and God’s Spirit are united in our hearts and in our lives, through them there is made available to us the entire, creative power of God. It’s there in His Word and His Spirit.

—Derek Prince

RT Kendall -“When Word and Spirit come together, revival will follow

RT KendallEchoing the theme of our CTNTP, ‘As One’ gathering in September 2018, we have been encouraged to see this insightful article, just published on the Premier Christianity Website, written by well known and respected Christian Author and Speaker, RT Kendall.

You can find the article on the Premier Christianity Website – click here  – it is also transcribed below:


When Word and Spirit come together, revival will follow

Christians have taken sides for too long. Either we’ve pursued strong biblical teaching, or we’ve gone after an experience of God’s presence. It’s time to end the war, says RT Kendall

Many years ago I was having a meal in London with a well-known minister whose emphasis had been in the area of signs, wonders and the prophetic. I said to him: “You need my theology, I need your power.” My words no doubt sound pompous since they imply that my teaching is necessarily right. Nevertheless, this conversation was the beginning of a new focus in my own ministry, namely, that the Word and Spirit need to come together.

We need both the sun and rain to give beauty and balance in nature. Likewise we need both the Word and the Spirit in order to understand God and his ways. The word is like the sun; the Spirit is like rain. One without the other can result in a natural disaster. It has been said before: “All Word and no Spirit, we dry up; all Spirit and no Word, we blow up; but with both Word and Spirit we grow up.”

It’s interesting that Jesus said to the Sadducees: “You know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God” (Matthew 22:29, ESV). He accused them of being ignorant of both the Word and Spirit. But it seems to me that the situation is rather different in the Church today; it is a case of knowing one, but not the other. Sadly we don’t seem to learn from each other.

A silent divorce

I first spoke of the silent divorce between the Word and Spirit during a conference chaired by Lyndon Bowring at the Wembley Conference Centre in 1992. Graham Kendrick led the worship and introduced ‘Jesus, restore to us again’ – a song he’d written asking God to restore “The gospel of your holy name / That comes with power, not words alone.”

When there is a divorce, sometimes the children stay with the mother; sometimes they stay with the father. In this divorce there are those on the Word side, and there are those on the Spirit side. I call it a “silent” divorce because it is impossible to know when or how this happened.

What’s the message of those on the Word side? It is straightforward: the honour of God’s name is at stake. His honour will not be restored, say those on the Word side, until we get back to the faith “once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3, ESV). We must get back to the doctrine of the apostles. We need clear Bible teaching in the pulpit. We must embrace the theology that was rediscovered during the Great Reformation of the 16th Century – which turned the Western world upside down: justification by faith alone; the inner testimony of the Holy Spirit by which we know that the Bible is the word of God; and a robust view of the sovereignty of God.

What is wrong with that emphasis? Nothing at all. It is, in my opinion, exactly right.

Then consider the example of those on the Spirit side. What is their message? It is straightforward: the honour of God’s name is at stake. It will not be restored until we get back to the experience of the apostles as demonstrated in the book of Acts: there were signs, wonders and miracles; the gifts of the Spirit were in operation; when they had a prayer meeting the place was shaken; if you got into Peter’s shadow you were healed; if you lied to the Holy Spirit you were struck dead right on the spot. And until we rediscover and experience that level of power, the Church will continue to have minimal, if any, influence in the world.

What is wrong with that emphasis? Nothing at all. It is, in my opinion, exactly right.

The problem is that whenever we go to church we find either one or the other.

Longing for more

In my old age I have been privileged to travel much of the world, and I believe that what I said nearly 30 years ago continues – sadly – to be a correct diagnosis. True, there are those who make every effort to incorporate both, and I will not enter into a debate about which preacher, prophet, church or denomination has got it right. But I believe many need to hear this message – myself included! I long to preach with power and authority. I have personally experienced that kind of power and authority only once or twice so far in my lifetime. I have seen some true miracles and healings over the years –but very few.

True miracles and verifiable healings are exceedingly rare. The common denominator of charismatics was once the gifts of the Spirit. Today it is prosperity teaching. Those people who run to church because they know they will be riveted by exciting and fearless preaching are hard to find. So much of what comes from Word pulpits is “perfectly orthodox, perfectly useless”, as Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones used to say.

You might ask: “Whatever is the point of writing like this?” I answer: Those who read this may – just may– be gripped to lament and repent over our situation and intelligently pray that the honour of God’s name, which has long been behind a cloud will be restored. The world does not respect the Church. There is no fear of God in the land or in the Church. The world thumbs its nose at us and we are not bothered. Things that once caused outrage have been accepted by nearly all.

Jesus said that in the last days the Church – even the best of its members – would be asleep: wise and foolish alike (Matthew 25:1-5). That is the most apt description of today’s Church that I can think of. Indeed, we are in a deep, deep sleep with little or no expectancy and no great concern or outrage over conditions around us. The scary thing about sleep is that we don’t know we are asleep until we wake up. We do things and tolerate things in our sleep we certainly would not permit when awake.


Three responses

Is there hope? I believe there is. There are three responses I am praying for.

First, that we will all see the urgent need for both the Word and the Spirit to come together as in the book of Acts. There needs to be both the Word and Spirit demonstrated in equal measure. We should be concerned for more of the Word and more of the Spirit with equal burden and vision.

Secondly, that there will be very urgent praying as in the book of Acts. The early Church prayed in desperation because of the threats of the Sanhedrin (the ruling council of the Jews). “And now, Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your Word with all boldness, while you stretch out your hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the name of your holy servant Jesus” (Acts 4:29-30, ESV). The urgency plus the presence of both the Word and Spirit is clearly obvious in this prayer. And that is when the “place” in which they were assembled was “shaken” – “and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness” (v31, ESV). We should be as threatened by the Church’s lack of power and influence today as the early Christians were threatened by the Sanhedrin 2,000 years ago.

Thirdly, that both Word people and Spirit people will become vulnerable (not defensive) and admit their need. The problem with the Laodiceans in the book of Revelation was not only that they were lukewarm– “neither hot nor cold” – but that they saw no need in themselves. They were rich, enjoyed prosperity and felt that they “needed nothing” (Revelation 3:16-17). You know the expression: “You can always tell a successful man but you can’t tell him much” – so it is with a church that becomes unteachable. When we are safely in our comfort zones we don’t usually welcome any notion that we should move outside them.


My experience has been that many Word people honestly feel no need for more of the Spirit than they already have. My experience with many Spirit people is that they often want more time for worship rather than preaching and are quite comfortable with hearing ‘feel-good’ sermons rather than solid biblical preaching. And yet fewer and fewer Christians nowadays read and know their Bibles. I have also very good reason to believe that both Word people and Spirit people spend less and less time alone with God. Martin Luther prayed for two hours a day. John Wesley prayed for two hours a day. But where are the Luthers today? Where are the Wesleys today? The average church leader probably prays just minutes daily. Dare I ask, how much do you pray?

This year is the 70th anniversary of the Hebrides Revival in Scotland (1949-52). The fear of God fell on often remote places in those days. Unusual manifestations appeared. Hundreds of spontaneous conversions took place in churches or as people walked down a road. Most of the converts were teenagers or adults under the age of 40. On at least one occasion a house shook (dishes even fell off tables) when people met for prayer and worship. It was a sovereign work of the Spirit and yet it was preceded by people praying –particularly two old ladies in their 80s who wouldn’t give up, but who cried out: “Lord, your honour is at stake.” I find this encouraging.

I truly believe that the Word and Spirit are going to come together, maybe soon. If Smith Wigglesworth has been quoted correctly, we are long overdue to see his 1947 prophecy fulfilled. He reportedly forecast that the Word and Spirit would come together and that this move of God would eclipse the Wesleyan and Welsh revivals and spread all over the world.

Most of my own preaching over the years – I wish it were not true– has been almost entirely Word preaching with little power. When people listened to me they would say: “Thank you for your Word.” That is what they came for, that is what they got. They did not come to see anything; they came to hear. But the simultaneous combination of the Word and Spirit coalescing in great measure will result in spontaneous combustion. And when that happens, as Lyndon Bowring put it, “those who come to see will hear and those who come to hear will see”.