Days of Wigglesworth Prophecy

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The following prophetic word, is reproduced verbatim from the Blog – UK prophetic Words – click here to go to the site.

As with all prophetic words, they must be weighed carefully in accordance with Scripture, also letting The Holy Spirit speak to your heart. Particularly, as this one, where it purports to be The Lord’s own words.
However, it certainly resonates strongly with all CTNTP has been hearing concerning the coming revival. And Wigglesworth has certainly featured strongly!
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As in the days of Wigglesworth

Chris Bennett July 2018

Are you a carrier of God’s anointing and presence? The Lord showed me a short video clip in the Spirit. I saw the famous story of Smith Wigglesworth on a train. It was one of those old trains with individual 6/8 seat compartments. Two men joined Wigglesworth in his compartment and the train went into a tunnel. When it emerged into daylight again, the two men were on their knees repenting and crying out to God for mercy. When he managed to quieten them down, Wigglesworth asked them about their experience. One of them seemed to answer for both men – “Your presence convicts us!”

Hear now the Lord today! “I am sending a convicting anointing on those who will carry My presence wherever they go! Like Wigglesworth before them, their presence will serve to convict people. It will not be them of course, it will be by My Spirit, whom they carry, and they will – just by the presence that they carry – bring many into the Kingdom!”

“You have heard, ‘wave after wave’, which even Wigglesworth prophesied, and I am sending wave after wave to your land. Village after village, town after town, city after city, will all see and feel the effect of the waves of My Holy Spirit as He sweeps across your nation.”, says the Lord. “Politics – Brexit, elections, Trump, and so on – will dominate your headlines, but the days are fast approaching when Revival will feature even in the anchor news programmes.


Six Miles with Jesus over the Summer Holidays

Our friends at Neighbourhood Prayer Network are asking you to Prayer Walk over the summer holiday period. CTNTP encourages you to take part.

A Mile with JesusYou can find more details about Neighbourhood Prayer Network and their ongoing initiative, A Mile with Jesus, on their website:

They have produced a great resource booklet. Copies can be purchased here:


Neighbourhood Prayer net

Over the six week school holidays, we are asking every one of us to do six 1 mile walks from your front door, around your street and surrounding streets, praying for:

  • Crime
  • Families
  • Loneliness and social issues.
  • Health issues
  • Pollution and environmental issues.
  • Local businesses and the economy

It is estimated that this will take about 1 hour each week.  Please could you encourage others in your church to take part this summer.  We appreciate many go away, but others find this six week period incredibly boring as most activities stop over the summer break.
If you live in Greater Manchester, Rachael Fola-Taiwo is planning some prayer walking in late September on a specific day.  Please, can you contact us – – if you would like to take part?

Thank you.

Rebekah BrettleRebekah Brettle
Neighbourhood Prayer Network

Word and Spirit – How can the Church find real balance?

It seems that The Word and The Spirit and Smith Wigglesworth’s prophetic word, are coming up with increasing frequency!

We had the following article brought to our attention yesterday, which appears on a Blog on the Premier Radio website. It is authored by Steve Maltz, who both David Gilbey and Peter Hill of CTNTP have previously met and who is a man of great insight concerning the current ‘times and seasons’. 


Word and Spirit

By: Steve Maltz | Jun 2016

How can the Church find real balance?

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, one of the last things he had to say to his disciples was in this passage:

On one occasion, while he was eating with them, he gave them this command: “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about. For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 1:4-5)

Yet it took ten days since his Ascension for the Holy Spirit to descend on his disciples in Jerusalem. Why did it take so long? Everything God does is for a purpose. And this purpose should now be clear to us. He was waiting for Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks, the Jewish celebration of the Word, the Law, the Torah, to arrive, so that the festival of His Word could be enriched by the giving of the Holy Spirit.

Bible and doveAs I write this, it is the time of Shavuot. We also know that Pentecost, the festival of the Spirit, was originally celebrated on the same day, but we observed in last week’s article that now a full month separates the two. Word and Spirit! There really should be no separation. In 1947, the powerful preacher and prophet Smith Wigglesworth said, “When the Word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest movement of the Holy Spirit that the nation, and indeed the world, has ever seen”.

So what’s the problem here? It seems that we Christians are the problem, with our thousands of denominations (40,000+ at the last count), each with its own distinction or flavour, but mostly out of step with the original model. God prefers us to live simply, holistically, in wholeness, in shalom with His full revelation. Instead we ‘pic ‘n’ mix’ from the Divine supermarket, selecting expressions of faith and conduct consistent with our needs, backgrounds and expectations, rather than the original deal represented by Shavuot and Pentecost, Word and Spirit, celebrated together on the same day. The Word without the Spirit is like a bag of chips without the salt, solid nutritious food but without the zip and energy. We need to be wrapped up in both, seamlessly, mindful that, according to this anonymous quote;

If you have the Word but not the Spirit you will dry up. If you have the Spirit but not The Word you will blow up! If you have The Spirit AND The Word you will grow up.

The Church needs to grow up and find a unity that has never been present since the days of Peter and that first church. When it does, perhaps only then we will see Wigglesworth’s prophecy fulfilled and the world will stand amazed.

Whirlwind of Wilberforce brings forth the Word of Wigglesworth

whirlwindThere are many prophetic words being released today, and many seem quite general in their application, but when one comes to your attention that seems to fit in perfectly with the vision of CTNTP to release Smith Wigglesworth’s 1947 Prophecy over the UK, on 29th September 2018, it can’t help but grab attention!

On 20th June 2018, the following Word was written by Veronika West, appeared on His Kingdom Prophecy Website –, entitled An Urgent Word for the United Kingdom of Great Britain. It also references another of her recent prophetic words. 

Do read this word, reproduced below with Veronika’s permission and the referenced Word about Wilberforce -linked in the Postscript. As with all prophetic words, do weigh them with Scripture and listen to what The Holy Spirit says to you.


Whirlwind of Wilberforce brings forth the Word of Wigglesworth

Watch! For a Spirit and word convergence is taking place over the land.

An amazing thing happened today I was in a time of prayer and worship, when I heard the Spirit say these words, “Daughter, watch and listen!

For the whirlwind of Wilberforce will now bring forth the word of Wigglesworth, for now the Word and Spirit will converge over the nation, which will birth a great spiritual awakening in the land!”

As I heard those words, an open vision unfolded before me where again I saw a mighty whirlwind moving with great power and acceleration towards to the nation.

Now as I looked at the whirlwind, my eyes were drawn within the whirlwind (the eye of the storm) where I saw an ancient scroll being unsealed and as the ancient scrolled unravelled before me.

I saw the words that were written within the scroll begin to lift from the page, and again I heard these words, “Watch and listen! For the whirlwind of Wilberforce will now bring forth the word of Wigglesworth, for now the Word and Spirit will converge over the nation which will birth a great spiritual awakening in the land!”



I believe the timing of this word and vision is very significant for the nation…!

We have entered into a time of spiritual awakening, the waters have broken over the nation, the birthing of a new era draws near…!

See also the recent Word; “Britain: The Whirlwinds of Wilberforce Draw Near!

Blessings to you all.
Veronika West

20th June 2018



The Divine Heartbeat

heartbeatCTNTP is increasingly hearing about God’s Heart, and how He longs for the heart of our Nation to be in harmony and synchronisation with His. We published a Blog Post about this in April 2018 – click here).

This Daily Devotional Reading has just been forwarded to us, which beautifully affirms our Heavenly Father’s desire for such a relationship:

Tiegreen talks banner

The Divine Heartbeat

“Conform to the image of Christ.” That’s what we say when our thoughts are out of line: we should let our minds be renewed (Romans 12:2). It’s also what we say when our behaviour is out of line: we should live as He lived (1 John 2:6). So what do we say when our feelings are out of line? “Feelings don’t matter anyway.” We dismiss them as irrelevant to our discipleship.

That’s enormously inconsistent. It’s also unbiblical. God is clearly an emotional being, having the capacity to rejoice, be grieved, have compassion, be angry, be jealous, be zealous, and more. Scripture clearly affirms these things. If we are to be conformed to His image, we’ll need to love what He loves, hate what He hates, delight in what He delights in, and so on. If our feelings are out of sync with Him, the answer isn’t to dismiss them as unimportant. It’s to align them with His own. We are designed to share His heartbeat.

“But feelings can lead you astray!” argue some. And your intellect can’t? “But feelings are so subjective,” others say. And your behaviour isn’t? We have the potential in every corner of the soul either to be led by self or led by God. The heart, when led by God, is a powerful motivator and place of inspiration.

Cultivate your emotions. Feel what God feels. Ask to share the rhythm of His heartbeat. Don’t let people tell you that isn’t biblical; it most certainly is. (See Philippians 2:1-2 and 2 Corinthians 7:11 for two examples among many others.) Enjoy your relationship with divine affections. The heart is the missing link in many people’s discipleship. Never let it go missing in yours.

The Wall of Answered Prayer

The WallA National Landmark of Hope


Imagine a huge and striking architectural landmark, right in the centre of England, which will not only be visible for miles around, but where you can visit and find one million answers to prayer, an exhibition to tell the story prayer in our nation over the centuries and a place to actually pray 24-7!

Well, it may not be something to simply imagine for much longer. A couple of days ago, CTNTP’s David GilbeyRichard Gamble went to rural Leicestershire, where he met the man who first heard God’s voice about this amazing project, Richard Gamble, CEO of The Wall. Richard passionately shared with David how The Lord has been miraculously guiding and providing!

The Wall is described as, ‘A piece of architectural sculpture built in the heart of the nation about Jesus. Made of a million bricks with each one representing an answered prayer’.

Land is now secured and they will begin building in 2020, but right now, Richard and his Team need further financial provision and not least thousands and thousands of prayers to add to those already sent.


God’s focus on the centre of England!

This is a truly amazing project and with the proposed site for The Wall just a few miles from Meriden, where CTNTP will be having our prophetic gathering on September 29th this year, we are believing there is a link between our respective visions.

The Wall is calling the nation to prayers!… and to discover The God who answers them through His son Jesus and the power of The Holy Spirit.

This project is a true step of faith of Biblical proportions. CTNTP urges you to support The Wall. Donate here:


Songs of Praise – 24th June

The Wall on Songs of PraiseThis Sunday, 24th June, you can tune into the BBC’s Songs of Praise -1.55pm on BBC 2 –  (don’t forget BBC iPlayer if you miss it live) and Richard Gamble will be describing how the project was born.

Alternatively, watch a short video on this page of Richard talking about The Wall: