The Season has Shifted?

After a year of sensing to pause CNTP postings and activities, we would like to start to share with you some recent thoughts and prophetic words, that we believe speak of an impending move of God upon the UK.

The ‘words’ will be largely from others, people we believe to be reliable prophetic voices. They will resonate with other content on our website. But we do not say, ‘thus sayeth The Lord’. Please weigh all you read by Scripture and by the voice of The Holy Spirit into your hearts.

The first is a message, released on 31st July 2022, by pastor Chris Wickland, of Living Word Church Network UK. Chris is based in Fareham, Hampshire. It is a word specifically for the UK.

There is a lot within Chris’s word, but the focus is that as autumn arrives in the UK, September 2022, it will be like the tick of a clock, where the hand moves to the next minute, and will herald in next season. Not instantly, but Chris says that we will then start to see everything shake and change in the UK generally, and for The Church, and a window will open up, for an unprecedented move of The Holy Spirit.

Well Autumn came, almost immediately Queen Elizabeth died. Prime Ministers came and went. Turmoil in the Economy. We’re off ! It seems to have started?

Without further ado, here is a video of Chris’s message and the link to a transcript too.

As a podcast, click here:

Transcript, in PDF format:

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