Son’s of Thunder Prophecy

James Ryle

In 1990, American James Ryle, had three dreams, that have become what’s known as The Son’s of Thunder Prophecy.

The prophecy speaks of a new kind of music, a new song – ‘a sound’ – that God is going to bring upon the earth; one that will be so distinct and anointed, that it will draw countless people into the presence and knowledge Jesus Christ.



A new sound

Here are  some extracts from the prophecy which seem particularly relevent for CTNTP and our vision to see unity through prayer and praise out on the streets – ‘a sound’ released in the UK – click here for more.

To read the full Prophecy, which runs into six pages – click here

I’m about to release a new kind of song in the streets. It will bring a revelation of the truth and it will usher men into my presence.’

‘When I awoke, the Lord said that there was going to be a new and distinctive anointing and sound restored to music that will turn the heads and capture the hearts of men for Jesus Christ… Simply singing the truth in the name of Jesus Christ, We say unto you be saved, will release the power of His Spirit in such an awesome display that men and women will collapse in their seats and be converted to Christ. But the Lord said that a key to this will be this new anointing He is about to give to His music.’

‘We are now on the threshold of a prophesied new move of God which will be precipitated by a musical revival that encircles the world. God is going to bring praise into the streets. The choir that preceded the army of Jehosaphat will once again lift up the banners and strike the chords, only this time they will turn the hearts of men to Jesus Christ and not to themselves. They won’t be saying, John, Paul, George, and Ringo, [James makes reference to the Beatles elsewhere] or, I’m of Paul, I’m of Apollos, I’m an Evangelical, I’m a Baptist, I’m a Catholic, or I’m a Lutheran. This time the adoration will be to one person alone – Jesus.’

‘Immediately the dream changed. I had these two photographs in my left hand and a parchment scroll in my right hand. I looked at that scroll and it was a letter written by an unknown soldier of the Salvation Army forty years ago. It was signed Unknown Soldier. I read this letter and it was a prophecy. It said that the time would come when the Lord God will release into the streets an army of worshipping warriors known as the Sons of Thunder . They will bring forth praise into the streets that will birth evangelism and praise and give many children to God.’

‘Then the Lord said this, the last call is a call to intercession. He said to me that the dream ended the way it did for an important reason. He wanted us to know that while it is going to happen, it is not happening yet. It’s about to happen, and between now and when it does there is a call for intercession. When the prophecy of that unknown soldier of the Salvation Army of a generation ago and the vision of the anointed man of music are joined hand in hand by those who will intercede, and those two things touch the heart of Jesus through intercessory prayer, the anointing will be released on the Sons of Thunder. And the Sons of Thunder will be released into the streets. We will then see a worldwide move of the Spirit of God.’


James Ryle was the founder and president of TruthWorks, as well as one of the founding members of Promise Keepers, was involved public speaking since 1972, serving as pastor of two churches, chaplain for the University of Colorado football team, and ministering as an evangelist, Bible teacher and popular conference speaker throughout the nation and abroad. He is a best-selling author, and a contributor to both the NKJV Spirit Filled Life Bible, and the NIV Worship Leader’s Bible. He died in 2015.

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