Wartime Miracles Leaflet – by ‘Pastor John’

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August 2018, we learnt of a leaflet being distributed around the Churches of the UK, entitled, ‘Wartime Miracles and a National Scandal(see our Blog Post of 24th August – click here).

We discovered that the author is a minister within a major UK denomination, calling himself ‘Pastor John’, (and who is keeping his identity private at present). In 2016, The Lord clearly spoke to him about writing the leaflet and distributing it widely around the nation. With a volunteer team and private financing, during 2018 it has been sent out by post and email to around 25,000 churches!

Much of the thrust of the leaflet is very similar to what we at CTNTP have been seeing from The Lord. We encourage you to take a look and we have also been asked to encourage you to forward them on.

Apart from the leaflet, there are two accompanying documents. Read or download them all here:

Wartime Miracles Leaflet

Wartime Miracles Leaflet information (background and suggestions for the use of the Leaflet for church leaders)

Prayer Group National Network (a suggestion that the Leaflet should spark prayer cells around the nation  – included as background but not endorsed as an aim of CTNTP in quite this way, at this time).


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