‘As One’ – Background


Gathering in the heart of the nation – Saturday 29th September 2018 

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As we planned, we  believed that our ‘As One’ gathering was part of The Lord’s plan for the release of a great awakening across the Nation and beyond.

The words of Jesus in John, Chapter 17, powerfully speak of the necessity for us, His Disciples, to be one with Him as He is with His Father, God. Then those out there in ‘the world’ will see that He (Jesus), is their only Saviour. 



Smith Wigglesworth’s Prophecy

smith-wigglesworthThe 1947 prophecy of evangelist Smith Wigglesworth – click here for a full transcript – had continually been on our hearts, The Lord seemed to have highlighted it as the focus of the ‘As One’ gathering:

Smith spoke of two distinct moves of The Holy Spirit across the UK Church. which would be stages towards a ‘great revival’. In the last part he said:

“…When the new church phase is on the wane, there will be evidence in the churches of something that has not been seen before: a coming together of those with an emphasis on the word and those with an emphasis on the Spirit. When the word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest move of the Holy Spirit that the nation, and indeed, the world has ever seen [our emphasis]. It will mark the beginning of a revival that will eclipse anything that has been witnessed within these shores, even the Wesleyan and Welsh revivals of former years. The outpouring of God’s Spirit will flow over from the United Kingdom to mainland Europe, and from there, will begin a missionary move to the ends of the earth.”

(For some scripture references of how the Word and the Spirit flow together – click here.)

Smith Wigglesworth suggested that a great revival and outpouring would come from the United Kingdom, which would then travel out across the world. It would be released when Christians with an emphasis on ‘The Spirit’ and those with emphasis on ‘The Word’ come together.

Jean Darnall’s vision

jean-darnell.jpgMight this also this be part of the fulfillment of Jean Darnall’s vision of a national move of God, pinpricks of light, ‘lightning strikes’ and ‘rivers of fire’ flowing down the entire UK? This too has been very prominent in our thinking. Click here for Jean’s vision. 



Malcolm Duncan’s prophetic word

We also learnt that in 2016, a significant prophetic word concerning the fulfillment both the words of Smith Wigglesworth and Jean Darnell, was given in England, by Rev. Malcolm Duncan – click here for the word – at the annual conference of Birmingham’s World Prayer Centre.



cross-of-nails-in-ruins.jpgBack in 2016, founder of CTNTP, Peter Hill, felt that God had something for us in the centre of England. Subsequently, in November 2017 Peter and UK Co-ordinator, David Gilbey, were led to go to Coventry and standing in the centre of the old Cathedral ruins, bombed out during WWII, strongly felt that they had been led there, and that this was a significant place for what God wanted to do..

Coventry, through its new Cathedral, is a place dedicated to reconciliation. The Coventry Cross of Nails, is a powerful and inspirational symbol worldwide of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

Click here to find out more about the Reconciliation Ministry of The Cathedral.


Archangel Michael and 29th September

2018-01-11 14.19.49Peter Hill had believed that the last week in September was significant and we realised that 29th September 2018, was St. Michael’s day. Biblically, Archangel Michael is a warrior angel, who deals on our behalf with spiritual powers and principalities in response to prayer. (See Daniel 9 and Daniel 10).

In Revelation 12:7, war breaks out in Heaven and Michael and his angels fight back and hurl Satan and his angels from heaven.

The full name of Coventry Cathedral is St. Michael’s Cathedral and there is a large bronze on an outside wall, of Angel Michael standing over a cowering Satan!

(Although we are careful not to give undue emphasis to angels, there are of course many references concerning their activity throughout Scripture. In recent times, there are accounts of angelic appearances or interventions during the World Wars. Click here to read some fascinating accounts and insights that we have uncovered).


Meriden – historic centre, or heart, of England

2018-04-09 13.59.48-1The village of Meriden, a few miles west of Coventry, has on its village green a five-hundred-year-old Market Cross. This location is widely regarded as the traditional centre – indeed the heart – of England and a plaque at the base of the market cross attests to this fact.

In November 2017, Peter Hill and David Gilbey were led to visit Meriden and after seeking guidance from The Lord, subsequently, the whole CTNTP Team agreed it was both here and in Coventry we should focus our attention.


John & Pam Yates – Heart of England Outreach

In March 2018, we unexpectedly received an email from John and Pam Yates, at that time unknown to us, who had been told of our website. We were amazed to hear that in 1979, John Yates had been shown by God of the importance of establishing His Kingdom presence in the heart of England, which would then ripple outwards nationally and internationally. From that time John had pursued this wholeheartedly.John & Pam Yates

In 1990, John realised that the work he had been pursuing, called Heart of England Outreach, was to be centred on Meriden. In 2010, John and Pam subsequently moved to the Isle of Wight and the work they had established was handed over to others, who continued it in a different way.

Realising we had been led to the same place, we believed we had been led to be a catalyst to the vision The Lord gave John and Pam, returning to full-flame!

Read more of John’s story on his website, Clarion Call ministries: clarioncallministries.co.uk


Lightning Strike!

lightningThe actual ‘cross’ from the top of the column of the Market Cross in Meriden, has long since disappeared. Instead a rod protrudes, rather like a lightning conductor? As well as John Yate’s description of a ‘ripple’ going out from the centre of the UK, we were strongly reminded of Jean Darnell’s prophetic description of lightning striking the UK, causing ‘rivers of fire’ (revival) to flow!



The release of the Prophecies – joining two staffs – shepherds crooks

shepherds crooks

As Peter Hill sought the Lord concerning CTNTP, his attention was drawn to Ezekiel 37: 15 onwards. This passage speaks of two of the nations of Israel being unified, signified by ‘the joining of two sticks’. Peter saw a vision of the UK and two sticks, represented by staffs – shepherd’s crooks, being bound together and that symbolically this could be the joining of ‘Word and ‘Spirit’. Read more of this – click here.

In the UK today, whilst we can easily see that Christians who historically  are of streams and traditions with emphasis on the Word of God and those with an emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit are increasingly coming together, but we also recognise many divisions still exist that must surely be healed?

We emphasise again to the words of Jesus about being ‘As One’, we refer to at the top of this page, from John, Chapter 17.

So, following the many clues and ‘fingerprints’ we sensed The Lord has left for us, we believed it was the time for the full release of Smith Wigglesworth’s Prophetic word and to see the fulfillment of Jean Darnell’s vision in the United Kingdom.

The prophetic act at Meriden, where two staffs were joined, we believe symbolically released such prophetic fulfillment.


The Father’s Heart

heartbeat.jpgFinally, and perhaps this should have been first, this is all about God’s love for His children. (Read more about the love of The Father, that we discovered as we followed one of God’s ‘clues’ – click here).

The heart of God is that the relationship, the Father – son, Father – daughter relationship, the ‘walk in the cool of the day’, He enjoyed with his first created, Adam and Eve, and which was destroyed by sin, (see Genesis 3:8), be restored. And, the very Good News is that Jesus, by His death and resurrection, has already restored the ability of every single person alive, to intimately walk again with their Heavenly Father.

On 29th September, The Father’s Heart of Love was declared to our nation. It is the commision of The Church, in unity, ‘As One’, to let the world know of God’s love for them.

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