The Father’s Love Letter

Father's love letterPart of the mission of CTNTP, as The Lord directs, is to connect with others up and down the nation with a similar heart for seeing His Kingdom Come upon the UK. I have personally travelled many hundreds of miles in the last year or so. Many relationships have been formed.

Earlier this week, CTNTP Team member, Stuart Sadler and I, visited a lady who we had been introduced to by another contact. She was a little nearer than usual – only a few miles away from where we live in Chelmsford. I won’t give her details at the moment, as we are presently waiting on God to see what further he might have between us, but feel to relate this:

As we chatted, it became clear that this dear lady’s mission and longing in life, was to spread far and wide, the good news of The Father’s love; that we are his precious and loved sons and daughters, that he is our Dad.

As we spoke about this, she gave us some copies of The Father’s Love Letter. 

If you do not know what this is, visit their website,, the home page of which says, ‘God Loves YOU. And He is the Father you have been looking for all your life’. You can download copies in various forms free of charge for distribution.

tearsOften, when The Holy Spirit shows-up during a conversation I am involved in, I feel tears coming to the corners my eyes. It’s a sort of indication to me that he is trying to say something? As we continued, tears started to well-up much more than usual – The Lord was certainly speaking!

I then strongly felt to tell her something most profound, something that The Lord had brought to my attention many months ago and which I often repeated to people in the context of what I believe 24-7 prayer really is: that it’s a relationship – a walk in the cool of the day with our Heavenly Father, (see Genesis 3:8), which even as we read this verse, had been destroyed by sin. But, the Good News is that Jesus, by His death and resurrection, has restored our ability to intimately walk again with our Father.

As I related this, our host gasped! This was one of  the very things at the core of her own belief and understanding of our Heavenly Father’s desire to restore relationship with His beloved sons and daughters – each one of us who has, does and will walk this earth.

More than that, this lady has written some books on the subject of The Father’s love. She gave me one. The Forward was written by Barry Adams, who wrote The Father’s Love Letter. It began, to my delight, in exactly the same way:

‘From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tells the story of God’s love for mankind. I would even say that the whole Bible is His love letter to all who will open their hearts to read it. The story begins with a man called Adam and a woman called Eve. Their only responsibilities were to tend the garden and learn to walk with God is the cool of the day. 

Though there have been many twists and turns throughout humanity’s history, I believe that the original calling found in Genesis as valid today as it was back then… to simply learn to walk with God. Whilst this would be impossible with our own human effort, our elder brother, Jesus Christ, has secured the way for us so we could find our way home. (John 14:6)…’

There are so many in our nation who need to discover God as Father, who are lost and need to discover the (only) way home. It is my longing to see this fulfilled and I am absolutely sure this wonderful lady and CTNTP too, are very much part of God’s plan for it to happen.

David Gilbey

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