Stirring the waters

2018-04-07 10.59.54My other ‘hat’ is leading Chelmsford 24-7 Prayer and last Saturday, I was on a Prayer Walk with a friend in our City Centre. We have two rivers running through and at one, I felt to pause and gaze into the water. It was murky grey with no discernable flow. It needed some LIFE!

I was just about to say to my friend that a canoe from our local club down river would stir things up and right on cue, one appeared from around a bend. It was remarkable to see that even a couple of minutes after it had disappeared from view, the waters remained choppy, full of life and movement, little half-moon shaped ripples dancing and bouncing off of the concrete lined bank.

2018-04-07 11.00.36

I felt The Lord say to the effect, ‘See, simply by your presence you can instantly and dramatically change a situation and have a lasting effect!’

Then, a second canoe appeared – this time a two-seater – again the waters became turgid, with even greater movement. Eventually two more, with four guys rowing for all they were worth. A maelstrom!

Just one Christian, who is persistent in prayer and led by The Holy Spirit to intentional action, can dramatically bring ‘life’ anywhere there is hopelessness and stagnation.

And, if we join in real unity with others of like heart and mind, ‘as one’ with our Heavenly Father, then things will get really interesting! Together we can surely stir and change a community, a whole town or a city… or maybe even our entire Nation?

David Gilbey




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