Father’s Love Letter at ‘As One’

Father’s Love Letter

Front of Father's Love Letter for CoventryGod desires to show His love as Father to all His children across the UK – to those who know Him and to those who as yet do not. This theme underpins Father’s Love Letter and which we believe will be one of the outflows from ‘As One’

In 2005, UK ministry, Knowing God as Father, had 75,000 Father’s Love Letters delivered to households in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. They carry a vision for one to be placed in every home in the country.

Earlier this year, two ladies with a similar vision for Coventry, distributed 2,500 copies of Father’s Love Letter in one area of the City. They are now making plans for its distribution throughout the rest of Coventry.

IMG_5857At our ‘As One’ gatherings on 29th September 2018, as a ‘seed’ to these visions, we were given 4000 copies of Father’s Love Letter for people to give away as they left and wherever they live. Virtually all of them were taken! Praise God!

Might you want to get involved in the vision to distribute The Father’s Love Letter?

If so, email Wendy Thomas at, info@knowinggodasfather.org.uk, and she will be in touch. Do say if you are interested in being involved nationally, in Coventry, or locally where you live.

Here is the official website of The Father’s Love Letter www.fathersloveletter.com

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