Releasing a Sound

Releasing a Soundone of objectives for 2018

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sound wavesDictionary: ‘SOUND’ Definition: Sound can be like: a. A sound that you hear; b. Vibrations that travel thru’ the air; c. A sound that you hear in your spirit (subj.)  

We believe that The Lord has shown us that He wants His Church to release a ‘Sound’  -indeed a ‘Joyful Noise’, (read Psalm 100 – KJV), throughout the United Kingdom, that will bring about a defeat of the ‘enemy’ and bring His Church in the nation into a time of unprecedented blessing and increase.

We have tried to describe below the essence what we feel The Lord is saying. This is not complete and we are still listening for what else God might say about the ‘Sound’.

2018-02-26-16-38-53-1.jpgA ‘Sound’ is rising across the nation, it is a joyful sound of prayer, praise and worship, singing and musical instruments it is also voices speaking truth and justice and that of Christians everywhere, gathering, rising up, leaving their church buildings taking practical action within their communities.

It is the sound of the gospel of Jesus Christ being clearly proclaimed.

The earthly sound of Believers ‘on the move’, is joining and resonating with the sound of the angelic army in Heaven, to change and overwhelm the ‘World’s sound’. The sound of Heaven touching earth.

The ‘Sound’ will release an awakening and hunger in our Nation for God.

As people walk purposefully, alongside and in unity, ‘as one’ with each other and in tune with their Heavenly Father, it will increasingly be a sound of the coming End Time Revival, a preparation for the soon return of Jesus Christ.


Insights and examples

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Creating ‘a sound’ is not just musical. Read about prayer walking using art through a project called Via Beata – click here.


From Scripture – The Sound defeats the enemy

Singers before the armyAs recorded in 2 Chronicles 20, there was a time of national crisis. King Jehoshaphat and Israel, were threatened by the Ammonites and others.


On hearing the situation:

  • The King seeks the Lord, then sounds an alarm across the nation, calling them to prayer and fasting – and the people came together to seek help from the Lord, indeed “they came from every town in Judah to seek the Lord.”
  • As Jehoshaphat leads the prayer for the Nation, God speaks giving prophetic direction – the people respond in adoration and worship, encouraged and strengthened by the Lord
  • ‘A Sound’ arose in the Nation as they went out – the singers leading the army!
  • The enemy was ambushed by the Lord – His Heavenly Army – causing Total Victory

2 Chronicles:21 “he appointed men to sing to the Lord and to praise him for the splendour of His holiness as they went out ahead of the army saying: Give thanks to the Lord, for His love endures forever”

The final result given in v.29; was that not only did God turn around their own battle, but the Fear of the Lord impacted all the nations.

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