Via Beata – A Way of Blessing

Via Beata website header

We are gradually hearing of others who have been called by The Lord to walk the land of the United Kingdom in quite extraordinary ways. Recently we’ve been in communication with Via Beata – ‘A way of blessing’.

On their website,, Via Beata describe themselves as, ‘A pilgrimage with a difference… with a dream to span Great Britain from Lowestoft to St Davids.’ – the most eastern point of England to the most Westerly point in Wales

Via Beata is headed up by Steve Eggleton and at the turn of the Millenium, he and others were led by God to establish, in their words, ‘a major trail of Christian art-works that will communicate His love for people, and for the UK’.

Days of Creation - Via Beata station
Way-Station: Days of Creation – Ringsfield Hall, Suffolk

Steve was amazed to find that as they set the line from Lowestoft to St. David’s, it went straight through his own property in Banham, Norfolk and the first way-station was set up there in 2009. There is an aim to establish a way-station about every ten miles on the trail. There are already nineteen.

As you may be aware, part of the vision of CTNTP, is to be a catalyst to the releasing of ‘a sound of heaven’ being lifted over our nation. Via Beata has illustrated that this is not simply by way of music or singing… Expression through art, the sound of people praying, speaking blessing, the sound of their feet walking as they travel across the nation, is surely all part of this.

Do check out their website. you will find a map of the route and directions to way-stations and much more information.


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