Vision 2018

JUST RELEASED, 17th January 2018  An Invitation – our vision for CTNTP into 2018
First CLICK HERE to view or download the Invitation document in full. (or A5 fold over leaflet form – click here).

snip front of Invitation documentAn Invitation

Call the Nation to Prayer, (CTNTP), is an invitation to everyone who recognises that this is the time for us as a nation to turn to God in prayer, to call out to Jesus for salvation and healing and a transformation of the United Kingdom…

…This is a call to The Church and the unchurched, throughout our nation, so that the full potential of the promises of God for revival and awakening in our land can be fulfilled.

Will you become part of walking this journey with us?




Our three primary objectives during 2018:

1. To Walk the Nation in prayer

To walk our streets, communities and countryside and pray with all who are willing, so that together we can soak the land of the UK in prayer…

2. To come together and pray ‘as one’

To come together for a National Prayer Gathering in the centre of the nation, organised by CTNTP, to be confirmed as, 29th September 2018, which will include a prophetic act, symbolically joining the Word and the Spirit strands of the Christian Faith…

3. To release a heavenly ‘sound’ that resonates over the UK

To be involved in the creation of a sound of prayer, praise, worship, repentance and Godly declaration which resonates with Heaven over the UK… releasing a great awakening…


First read the document, ‘An Invitation’ – click here

The following pages will then give further information about the above three objectives:

  1. Prayer Walking – click here
  2. National and Regional Prayer Gatherings – click here
  3. Releasing a Sound – click here

There is much other background information on this website, which will give you insights into how God has been directing us. 


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