Our Vision

Jo's map logo squareThe founding vision of CTNTP in 2016
Call the Nation to Prayer, (CTNTP), is an invitation to everyone who recognises that this is the time for us as a nation to turn to God in prayer, to call out to Him for salvation and healing and a transformation of the United Kingdom.

We believe this is a Directive from the Lord: a move of prayer for every village, town and city of the UK, called, initiated and orchestrated by the Holy Spirit


We believe God showed us three responses, that Christians in the UK should consider making:

1. To Walk the Nation in prayer more click here

As preparation for what the Lord is going to do, with all who are willing, to increasingly leave our buildings and in prayer, walk our streets, communities and countryside, together soaking the whole land of the UK in prayer.

2. To release a heavenly ‘sound’ that resonates over the UK more click here

As we prayer walk and in other ways, to release a joyful sound of praise, worship, blessing and Godly declaration, which resonates with Heaven over the UK.

3. To specifically draw Christians from around the UK together to an event, to pray ‘As One’ over the Nation. (Carried out in 2018)

On Saturday 29th September 2018 we organised a prophetic act of reconciliation and unity, to symbolically unite the Word and the Spirit strands of the Christian Faith. We felt his gathering would in part be a catalyst for the first two responses to happen. – (more about the event click here).

…that these things form part of the Lord’s plan for historical and current prophecies to be fulfilled and for the release of a ‘great awakening’ for Christ in our land.

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