The Symphony of Heaven

sound wavesOne part of our initial Directive for CTNTP is, ‘Releasing a Sound’ – see our webpage about this  – click here.

We believe that part of the purpose of our ‘As One’ gathering on 29th September, was to release a ‘revival ripple’ across the UK. The ripple could also be described as the ‘Sound of Heaven’, a heavenly vibration, the frequency of The Kingdom of God resonating out to touch everyone and everything!

We were recently sent a link to a You Tube video, where in 2008, Ray Hughes is speaking on The Symphony of Heaven. He explains that when we hear and respond to the sound of heaven, we become instruments of praise for God on the earth.

We strongly recommend you listen to what Ray had to say:

One thought on “The Symphony of Heaven”

  1. Wow we are SO on the same page in Father’s book of the alignment of the nations.

    Every Blessing, Sue and Elle

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