When Spirit and Word Collide

Following ‘As One‘, September this year, we continue to hear of ‘confirmations’ concerning the Spirit and Word coming together in the context of Smith Wigglesworth’s  prophecy  – click here to read.

When Spirit and Word CollideIn 2015, author, songwriter, and church leader, Jarrod Cooper, published a book entitled, ‘When Spirit and Word Collide’. He explores the 1947 prophecy and examines what it means for today’s Church. A new wave of extraordinary Spirit and Word churches are emerging. In this book he looks at the qualities that will set them apart and position them at the centre of a great move of God that will sweep our nation.

Here are the first words from its introduction:

In 1947 a prophetic word was brought to the Body of Christ that most attribute to the man of faith, Smith Wigglesworth; a word that may change Church history. In it he spoke of several phases in the life of the Church that would span the decades following its utterance. Notably, for us today, the first few phases have unfolded exactly as prophesied. This makes the final, as yet unfulfilled, stage of his prophetic word of great interest to church leaders and all Christians today. Since the prophetic word has been so proven until now, we would be foolish to ignore its finale.

A book well worth reading.

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