Wartime Miracles and a National Scandal Leaflet

National day of prayer
The scene at Westminster Abbey, May 26th 1940. A National Day of Prayer, which resulted in the deliverance at Dunkirk – would national prayer change our nation in 2018?

In 2017, we published some fascinating information we had been drawn to concerning national prayer, miracles and angelic activity, much during the times that this nation has been at war. (Angels and Miracles – click here and National Days of Prayer 1899 to 1957 – click here).

Our question and assertion was and still is; if God has done it once, surely He can do it again –  if only we in our Nation humble ourselves and turn to Him in prayer and repentance. 2 Chronicles 7:14 has continually been hovering in our thoughts, surfacing again quite recently. (See our Blog Post of 14th August – click here).

So last week, we were most intrigued to learn of a leaflet being distributed around the Churches of the UK, entitled, ‘Wartime Miracles and a National Scandal‘, rather mysteriously by ‘Pastor John’, part of the ‘Strengthen the Faithful Team’.

Many of the accounts in this leaflet appear in the information we published, although the author did not appear to be the same. Our first thoughts were, who exactly is ‘Pastor John’ and what is The Lord saying?!

Well, earlier this week, CTNTP Co-ordinator, David Gilbey, was able to make contact with John and spent an hour on the telephone listening to a most remarkable story! All we will say of John’s identity is that he ministers within a major denomination and we understand why he wishes to keep ‘under the radar’ at this time!

In 2016, The Lord clearly spoke to John about writing the leaflet and distributing it widely around the nation. With a volunteer team and private financing, it has now been sent out by post and email to around 25,000 churches!

Much of the thrust of the Leaflet mirrors what we at CTNTP have seen from The Lord. Referring to the World War II, here’s how the leaflet ends:

What God dramatically did for that generation, He can also do for ours. Our nation urgently needs His help and protection. May we, like the wartime generation before us, turn to God in a true spirit of repentance and plead for Divine help. In 2 Chronicles 7:14 He promises, “If people humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land.” If our nation, once again sought God’s help as it did during Wartime, now, just as then, miracles of blessing and protection would begin to happen.

Click here to read the Leaflet and accompanying information that has been sent to us by John. He asks that it continues to be widely distributed by all who receive it.

It is hoped that Peter Hill, when over from Canada for, ‘As One’, and David Gilbey will meet John in a few weeks time, to explore if The Lord might have anything into the future for CTNTP and John and his team together?




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