‘As One’ in the latest edition of Prayer Magazine

Prayer mag Sept - Oct 2018Have you seen the latest copy of Prayer Magazine? Maybe you haven’t heard of Prayer Magazine?… but since 2016, every two months, you have the opportunity to pick up a copy and read about many exciting things that God is doing around the nation through people and prayer. Prayer Magazine is the UK’s only publication dedicated to prayer. 

The latest September/October edition has just come out and we were delighted to have been asked to write an article, which appears within, about CTNTP and our, ‘As One’ gathering on Saturday 29th September.

Details, also to sign up and come to ‘As One’ – click here.

Snip of Prayer Magazine article re As One

May we encourage you to buy a copy of Prayer Magazine, or maybe more for your friends and church, (there is a big discount for packs of five). You can also subscribe on a monthly basis.

There are forty pages packed with news and great articles that will really encourage you, that The Lord is on the move in the UK.

Click here to visit the Resources for Church website, where you can purchase copies.

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