Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer – Landmark of Hope -Crowdfunding launched

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will be a Christian architectural sculpture built in Coleshill near Birmingham, in the heart of the UK

It will be a colossal piece of public art; a giant infinity loop built of one million bricks reaching 50m into the sky

Every brick will represent a story of how someone has prayed and how God has answered

Visitors will be able to point their phone at a brick to reveal the story of hope that lies within.

This will be a piece of public art that provokes a conversation about prayer, giving visitors the space to reflect on the role of prayer in the nation and in their lives. It is about how one person’s answered prayer can become another person’s hope.

CTNTP and The Rooftop encourage you to find out more about this amazing project and with all the preliminaries in place, to consider being part of the Crowdfund, for £2.5 million, that will actually start construction in Spring 2022.


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