An account of ‘As One’ – Part 1 – The morning at Coventry

Read the background leading to ‘As One’  – click here

Part 2 – The afternoon at Meriden – click here

This is how ‘As One’, our two connected gatherings on Saturday 29th September unfolded. This is the account of our morning at the old Coventry Cathedral Ruins

A perfect day

IMG_1005It was a bright, sunny, almost cloudless, a perfect day, as the Team started to gather within the ruins of the old Coventry Cathedral. It had been such a privilege to have been granted permission to use this ancient and significant site, known internationally as a place of peace and reconciliation.

As we had journeyed to this day, our Team had realised that The Lord had led us here; in a sense, to ‘gather-up’ the spirit of reconciliation it carried, and for its ‘release’ to the nation later at Meriden – but more about our afternoon at Meriden to follow!

Even before our arrival at the ruins that morning, a lady we knew, a valued intercessor, had been there praying. She later told us:

I felt God was saying that in the ruins of people’s lives there was an open heaven. God is there. Where things are not hidden but exposed… Reminded of the following verse… 

They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.’ Isaiah 61:4

IMG_5841The Ruins carry such peace, that even when, shortly before we started there was no electricity for the PA system, no-one panicked! We knew The Lord had it all in hand. Indeed, around 11.40 a.m. the loudspeakers crackled into life and worship leader Rob Parker, with his team of talented, Holy Spirit led musicians, began to worship God. 


The Father’s Love

As the crowd of an estimated one hundred and fifty people gathered – and we were aware too of many passers-by, visitors to the Ruins stopping – leaflets were distributed with information about the event, which also contained two copies of Father’s Love Letter.

Front of Father's Love Letter for Coventry

We had previously became aware of two ladies with a vision to see Father’s Love Letter distributed throughout Coventry, and another to see it placed in every home in the nation!

To ‘seed’ these visions, the Coventry ladies gave us 4,000 copies of Father’s Love Letter to give away. By the end of the day, virtually all were taken for redistribution. Praise God! 

We believe that an outflow from ‘As One’, is the sense that God has a desire through Jesus Christ, to bring a much greater revelation of His love as Father to all His children across the UK – not only to those already Christian’s, but to all as yet who are not. 

If you want to know more, or become involved in these visions, email Wendy Thomas at:

The Wigglesworth and Darnall prophecies

smith-wigglesworthAs the Cathedral Clock struck the hour, we paused in preparation as each chime rang out. Then, after a brief welcome and song of praise, UK Co-ordinator of Call the Nation to Prayer, (CTNTP), David Gilbey, read and reflected on key details from the 1947 Smith Wigglesworth and 1967 Jean Darnall, UK national revival prophecies.

Right from the formation of CTNTP, these prophecies had time and again been brought to our attention. David boldly declared that it is the time for their fulfillment.

To read what David said – click here.


Coventry and Reconciliation

Cross of nails in ruinsCTNTP Team member Suzanne Ferrett, then reflected on why we had been led to Coventry, suggesting that it is a City which carries a special anointing. She also read, John 17:20-21, a scripture that has anchored the name chosen for the day; ‘As One’:

I do not pray for those alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word; that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent me.”

To read all Suzanne said – click here.


Together, As One

IMG_5864After a further time of sung praise and worship, Team member, Jo Ognjanovic, introduced the fact that we had been brought together ‘As One’ this morning, albeit incompletely, to be a symbolic representation of The entire Church, The Body of Christ in our Nation, not simply as individual members.

Jo read out a powerful prayer and declaration of repentance and reconciliation on behalf of all Believers in the United Kingdom, during which, there were united responses of assent from all those present, using the words, ‘Together As One“.

There was then a time of silent reflection, followed by those present getting into two’s and three’s to pray, and symbolically, on behalf of the UK Church, to ‘let go’ of all that has, and still divides us. A song of celebration drew this part of the gathering to a close.

To read Jo’s, Together As One prayer – click here.


Coming together afresh – preparation for nationwide revival

IMG_5868David Gilbey then read from Ezekiel 37: 15-18 (God’s Word translation), concerning the taking and joining of two sticks. 

Two staffs, shepherd’s crooks, were then walked in from either side of the platform by Rev. David Mayhew and John Yates and held upright, about a foot apart.

Founder of CTNTP, Peter Hill, then spoke about the reason for this act, which came from vision he had in 2016, whilst at an Anglican Church in Amsterdam.

To read our previously published account of Peter Hill’s vision – click here.

In essence, one staff was a symbolic representation of those in The Church who have held an emphasis on ‘The Word’ and the other, those who have held an emphasis on ‘The Spirit’. The 1947 Smith Wigglesworth’s prophecy, (see earlier reference), stated that when Christians of these two streams or positions ‘came together’, an unprecedented national revival would begin, which would eclipse any other ever seen within the shores of the UK.

Throughout, the two staffs were held close but remained apart, as Peter Hill described how in the afternoon at Meriden, considered for five-hundred years to be the historic centre of England, they would be bound together; joined in a prophetic act that we believed would initiate a nationwide release of the revival prophecies of Wigglesworth, and of Jean Darnall.  

We worshipped The Lord again in song, and just as we drew to a close, twelve noon struck, and we were very certain that we had accomplished all that God had directed by His Spirit for us to do that morning.


Part 2  -the afternoon at Meriden – click here


6 thoughts on “An account of ‘As One’ – Part 1 – The morning at Coventry”

  1. Learning of the meetings only a couple of days earlier after blogging on the Jean Darnall visions, their purpose lay on my heart for two reasons in addition to the highly ‘coincidental’ timing. First, I’d been blessed to have been with SW’s prayer partner when he had the same vision as SW but 50 years later ( refers).

    Secondly, upon re-reading Jean’s visions the Lord opened my mind to realise its ‘coincidental’ timing of 1967 when, aged 20 years, I was “…intensely hungry for New Testament Christianity…”, as in her opening description of ‘Phase 1 – Glowing Fires’. BUT because of the deep divisions within Christendom (ie. it was NOT ‘as one’) and thus my being anti-church I got caught up in the ‘new age’, as told in my recently republished testimony (

    Now, I realised that our Father had allowed my ‘misadventure’ for His purposes and so it was not insignificant in my spiritual journey. This insight was confirmed by what the director of Acorn Christian Healing Foundation said at their Thanksgiving service (concurrently with your Meriden meeting) – the Lord’s put “markers” in our lives which we recall and are to thank Him for!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Richard – thank you for this – it is remarkable to see things The Lord seeded years ago threading through to what is now happening,


  2. The scripture John 2:1 On the third day there was a wedding in Cana – the wine ran out and Jesus turned the water into wine. The master of the wedding said “usually the best wine is served first, then when the guests have had their fill they serve the not so good wine. You have kept the best wine until the last”. We are living in the 3rd day, the best wine is about to be poured out. The revivals of yester year will pale into comparison to the final revival. I also felt the Lord say to me “to enjoy this wine we need to take off our grave clothes” , what has always been will not continue to be. I believe this final revival will change everything and in particular the way church is done, so we have to be prepared for this change. It really wont be business as usual. A bit like the virgins in Matthew 25 who were not prepared when the Bridegroom arrived. Well these are the thoughts that have come to me you obviously need to weigh it up before the Lord to check it out. Patricia Elliott

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    1. Hi Patricia – Thank you your words are very much in keeping with many others we are hearing about the coming revival.
      David Gilbey CTNTP


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