A Vision Fulfilled! John & Pam Yates

We hope to release a write-up of the second part of ‘As One’, our gathering at Meriden during this week, (First part at Coventry – click here). Meanwhile, the day from another perspective:

On 21st April this year, we released a Blog Post, Finding Clues at Meriden. Within this we described how the month before, whilst still working out what The Lord was showing us concerning our ‘As One’ gathering, we unexpectedly received an email from a couple who had been told of us, John and Pam Yates, who now live on the Isle of Wight.

This is an extract from the Finding Clues at Meriden Blog Post, relating to Pam and John – click here to view it in full. :

John & Pam Yates
John & Pam Yates

‘…We were amazed to hear that in 1979, John Yates received a vision from God about the centre of England.

This is an extract from Jon & Pam’s website, clarioncallministries.co.uk (click on the link to read more).

‘In the autumn of 1979 John had been alone praying, when the presence of God became very powerful in his room. God began to show John the importance of establishing His Kingdom presence in the heart of England, which would then ripple outwards nationally and internationally. This vision was so powerfully implanted within John that he pursued it wholeheartedly from that time on, whatever the cost.’

In 1990, John realised that the work he had been pursuing, called Heart of England Outreach, was to be centred in no less than Meriden…’

Snip of Clarion Call account of As One

A Vision Fulfilled! Prophecy Released!

Some of our Team were delighted to travel to the Isle of Wight to meet this wonderful couple and then, during ‘As One, John carried one of our Shepherd’s Crooks.

John and Pam have just published an account from their perspective of the day. For John is particular, it was the fulfillment of a forty year journey… rather like the reaching of ‘the Promised Land’?

Click here to view John & Pam’s account in full.

5 thoughts on “A Vision Fulfilled! John & Pam Yates”

  1. During teaching and activation in the prophetic gifts at Windsor on 6th October I had an impression of the British Isles with a target superimposed upon it and our location being the Lord’s bull’s-eye (like on a dart board) and quickly jotted:
    ‘Pegging out ‘stakes’ then radiating out from Windsor for His fire to fall and become another center to ripple/radiate out from; so we get dozens of ‘ripple centers’ – it’s not just Windsor being of central importance but wherever there’s Holy Spirit-filled worship – thus those places alternatively appear in the spirit realm as pulsating ‘hearts’ or power points which thereby move across Great Britain.’
    Upon recounting this to Suzanne Ferrett, I was surprised to learn that ‘ripples’ were mentioned at your ‘As One’ prayer day the previous weekend; thus each instance confirmed the other! [A full account with illustration may be read at https://wp.me/p1Y1yB-bQO ]


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