Jehovah Jireh – ‘As One’ expenses met!

plastic bucketI just wanted to take a few lines to give a big thank you to everyone who gave financial support for ‘As One’ last month. CTNTP has no regular income and it was only in May this year, with just four months to go, that our new bank account with zero balance received it’s first donation of £20 towards the event.

Just before 29th September we had received a total of £260, which covered almost exactly expenses required prior to the day. We believed our eventual expenditure would be about £1500 and indeed it came in around £1490. We simply believed in faith that The Lord would ensure the costs were met.

On the day we counted from our collection buckets £1039. Together with a couple of subsequent donations directly to our bank account, we were left with a net shortfall of just £140, but one which someone had already promised to meet for us!

So today, with 99 pence in the bank, CTNTP embarks on the next stage of its journey, confident that The Lord  – Jehovah Jireh – will continue to provide!

If you felt you could be part of that future provision, click here for details of how to sow a seed, by making a donation.

Thank you again and Blessings to you.

David Gilbey
Co-ordinator CTNTP

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