An account of ‘As One’ – Part 2 – The afternoon at Meriden

Read the background leading to ‘As One’ – click here

Part 1 – The morning at Coventry – click here

This is how the second part of ‘As One’, our two connected gatherings, on Saturday 29th September unfolded. This is the account of our afternoon at Meriden.

A ripple from centre of England

The-Wayside-Cross-on-The-Green-in-MeridenThe plaque at the base of the Cross situated on Meridian village green states, ‘This ancient wayside cross has stood in the village for some 500 years and by tradition it marks the CENTRE OF ENGLAND…’

On their first journey to Coventry on a wet November day in 2017, CTNTP founder Peter Hill along with David Gilbey, were led to stop off at this very place. From that day they believed The Lord was leading them to hold a gathering there the following year.

Looking at the top of Meriden Market Cross, albeit long since devoid of it’s actual cross, they saw a thin metal spike sticking up, maybe a lightning conductor? David imagined ‘lightning from heaven’, Holy Spirit power striking that spot and radiating out to the entire nation.

All was confirmed a few months later, when David Gilbey was introduced to John and Pam Yates, who previously had a prayer ministry in Meriden. Their story is described elsewhere on the website – click here – but it is significant to repeat this from John’s vision of nearly 40 years before:

Ripple on water‘In the autumn of 1979 John had been alone praying, when the presence of God became very powerful in his room. God began to show John the importance of establishing His Kingdom presence in the heart of England, which would then ripple outwards nationally and internationally…’


Arrival from Coventry

Peter's Meriden cross photo with sunOn 29th September 2018, as the afternoon crowd gathered in Meriden Sports Park next to the village green, Peter Hill lined the sun up to take an amazing photo of the Market Cross. When this was viewed, it showed light radiating in all directions. Surely a further confirmation that The Lord was going to do something significant in our nation, starting here?

Many made the journey from our morning gathering in Coventry. Others joined us just for the afternoon, and we estimated slightly more in attendance than the morning’s one-hundred and fifty.

On behalf of The UK Church, we were ready to ‘release’ the repentance and reconciliation gathered up at the Cathedral Ruins.


Reiterating Revival prophecy

IMG_5874At 2.30 pm, UK co-ordinator of CTNTP David Gilbey, greeted everyone and Rob Parker and his Team opened with a song of praise and worship. 

In the morning David had spoken about the Smith Wigglesworth and Jean Darnall prophecies of UK revival and again, this time with a little more detail, he re-iterated how God had led us to this day, believing it was the time declare that it was the ‘kairos’ time, the right time for their fulfillment.

Rev. Jane Braund, minister of Meriden Methodist Church then read this short piece:

For centuries Meriden has historically been known as the Heart of England.

We’ve come here today, knowing we’re standing on the prayers of many who’ve gone before, who have faithfully ploughed up the ground and have been praying in God’s plans and purposes for the nation; believing that from this place – the heart – the ripples will go out into the nation and beyond.

To read all David said – click here


Dancing in Unity

IMG_5903Then, during a further time of praise and worship, Peter Hill encouraged those present to dance before The Lord! Many took this opportunity to freely express their unity and their love for Father God.

CTNTP Team member Jo Ognjanovic, then read part of John 17 – a prayer of Jesus stating the necessity of those who follow him to be ‘As One’. The end of verse 23 shows the profound effect The Church will have on those outside, if we truly come together in unity:

Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.


The Word and Spirit coming together

IMG_5910Peter Hill and Team member Suzanne Ferrett then stepped forward. The two shepherd’s crooks, or staffs, which were earlier introduced at Coventry, were walked to the front by Rev. David Mayhew and John Yates.

The staffs were symbolic of Wigglesworth’s prophecy; a need for The Church, those of ‘The Word’ and those of ‘The Spirit’, to come together so revival can be released.

To read more about how we were led to use the staffs – click here

Peter Hill spoke about the significance of what we were about to do and Suzanne Ferrett read a powerful prayer and Snip from video - Suzanne speaking at Merdendeclaration concerning The Church becoming ‘As One’.

The staffs were then bound together with a red cord, representing the shed Blood of Jesus.

To read Suzanne’s prayer and declaration – click here


Bread and Wine

Communion cupThen followed a time of joining together in two’s and three’s to take the ‘bread and wine’. It was a simple act of unity, across denominational and traditional boundaries, to remember the sacrifice Jesus made on The Cross of Calvary for us all – His body broken, His blood poured out.

The three church leaders in Meriden, Anglican minister, Rev. Linda Lilley; Pentecostal pastor, Kevin Hunt; and Methodist minister, Rev. Jane Braund, stood together. By way of introduction, they read selected verses from 1 Corinthians 10 and 11.

To read exactly what the church leaders read out – click here

(For several years, all three ministers have been working together in Meriden. If it had not been for their support, help with organisation and enthusiasm, ‘As One’ could not have taken place in the village. It is a wonderful illustration of what happens when The Church is, as one!).


Prayers for The Nation

IMG_5906Peter Hill and Suzanne Ferrett then spoke again. Then Peter Hill, with David Gilbey standing beside him holding the bound staffs, read out a prayer for the nation.

As Peter read out certain lines of his prayer, he paused and indicated that David should, in prophetic agreement, strike the ground with the staffs. As Peter felt led upon each pause, he directed the ground be struck between one and five times.

To read Peter’s Prayer – click here


Awake You Who Sleep

Awakening the coastlands album

The gathering approached its end with an amazing, prophetic song of declaration; Awake You Who Sleep, which was written in 2017 by our Team member and worship leader for the day, Rob Parker.

The song appears on Rob’s album, Awakening the Coastlands, described by one reviewer: “This album takes you on a historical yet prophetic trip around the nations of the United Kingdom…”

The song ended with these words, (note particularly those we’ve highlighted):

You open the windows of heaven
You bring forth the fountain of life
You’re fires pierce through the darkness
Let them burn let them be light
Jesus it’s your kingdom
Jesus your kingdom come
Your spirit and word come together
Revival breaks out on these shores
The lion roars from the coastlands
And is heard in all of the earth
Jesus it’s your kingdom
Jesus your kingdom come

Rob wrote this song before he had heard of Call the Nation to Prayer, but it speaks for revival in our land in exactly the same way as The Lord had been already directing us.

Read the full words of Rob’s song – click here – or to listen, press the triangle icon below:

You can purchase a CD or download of Rob’s album at: – click here


Stones of Remembrance

2018-10-25 21.09.39Then, at the end of our afternoon, Suzanne Ferrett offered the opportunity for those present to come to the front and from a large pile, take away a stone. Stones often feature in the Bible as memorials; to remember great exploits.

Suzanne ended her explanation, “It is to carry the anointing released here today, to the place you represent.” Many stones were taken.

(The stone shown in the photograph is one of those taken on the day and was shown to us afterwards. It looks rather like a fragment of bone, with the inside exposed. Might it remind you of the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37: 1-14? Can these bones live [again], Ezekiel was asked? We believe that this nation will live again, for the gospel of Jesus Christ!)

Read exactly what Suzanne said about the Stones – click here


Blessing and sending

The afternoon was then ended by David Gilbey, who read the Aaronic blessing from Numbers 6, 22-27, adding v.28, then the Doxology from Jude 24-25.


Reflecting on the day

Our reflection from the day was that we achieved all The Lord had told us to do. It was a  journey of Faith and in Faith we await the outcome. A most appreciative thank-you to all who came, or supported us in prayer where you were. 

Father God, we now rest and wait upon you.





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