Prayer for the nation at Meriden

IMG_5906In due course, we hope to create a page on this site with some of the content – written prayers and declarations – from our, on Saturday 29th September, ‘As One’ gatherings at Coventry and Meriden.

Immediately though, we are able to publish the prayer for the United Kingdom, read by founder of Call the Nation to Prayer, Peter Hill, during the afternoon gathering at Meriden.

This is without copyright, and anyone sensing The Lord is asking them to hold a similar gathering, is welcome to use or adapt the prayer.

You can also now read an account of the whole afternoon at Meriden, which puts Peter’s prayer in context  – click here.

Click here to view the prayer as a PDF document.

3 thoughts on “Prayer for the nation at Meriden”

  1. Thank you for this prayer which feels so from the heart of the Father for our nation at this time.


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