God has heard our Prayers… and it will be established

The two staffs, symbolically joined with a crimson cord, lifted high ar Meriden

It is a little over two weeks since our ‘As One’ gatherings in the heart of the nation, and with our ‘webmaster’ having just returned from holiday, we can start to release some further reflections from, and feedback received from the day.

There will be further Blog Posts, and the website itself will be gradually updated with more about the event, with links to some more of the prayers and declarations used.

Firstly, here is a reflection from CTNTP founder, Peter Hill, which was initially shared with our Team:

‘To share a thought from the book of Job and from: ‘Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation’ by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce (which I am enjoying reading)… we have Job 22:27-28* (plus other scriptures) which underlines the following:

‘He has heard our prayers’ and as declared on the 29th. ‘It will be established for us and the Light will shine on our ways.’

As we know, God often speaks to us in advance of prayer being fulfilled, but the ripples are spreading and will continue to spread! So we go forward in faith, and just as a rower in a boat keeps rowing, and just as a rower stays on course by using a reference point behind him, we do also.

As we have come into agreement with what we believe the Lord has said, the word in Job 22:28 could be translated:

‘You will decree a decree, agreeing with and declaring what God has said about us. As we come into agreement with His Plans by declaring our faith in them, we are releasing the creative power of His Word, causing His Word to be established.

2 thoughts on “God has heard our Prayers… and it will be established”

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    This updates my reblog of the ‘As One’ announcement about the Smith WIgglesworth and Jean Darnall visions, and confirms the vision of ‘ripples’ seen during 6 Oct’s Mentoring Day about which I’ll blog about shortly.


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