A tale of two Crosiers

2017-11-07 13.37.35
Old and New Coventry Cathedrals

By David Gilbey – Co-ordinator CTNTP

It seems the right time to reveal another of the ‘clues’, a piece of evidence, we believe The Lord has left for CTNTP.

If you have read about our vision – click here – you will have seen that on Saturday 29th September, we are looking to have a gathering in the centre of England, involving a most unusual prophetic act of the joining of two shepherd’s crooks, to represent the ‘Word’ and the ‘Spirit’ strands of the Christian faith coming together. (Click here for more).

The vision for this prophetic act, based on the Smith Wigglesworth Prophecy of 1947, came in 2016 to Peter Hill, just prior to  his first exploratory visit concerning CTNTP to the UK. Peter sat in an Anglican church in Amsterdam, where his son is a minister and saw their joining happening somewhere in the centre of England. He kept what he saw to himself to see what else God might say.

November 2017, Peter was in the UK again and on the day of his arrival spoke a little about all this to me. We observed that the centre of the country is often regarded as being Coventry.

During Peter’s time in the UK, we planned to set out for a week or so together, to visit as led, organisations and people to discuss CTNTP. However, we had a two-day gap in our itinerary and in considering how to fill it, I very much felt God saying He was sending us both to Coventry!

2018-01-11 12.44.58
The Team outside Coventry Prayer House

We ended up in Coventry,  (also visiting nearby Meriden, click here for more about that), and Peter and I immediately felt that the City and surrounding area held great spiritual significance for what the Lord was showing us.

Beginning of 2018, Our Team, excluding Peter who was then several thousand miles away in Canada, met at Coventry Prayer House. One of the things we mulled over, was how much each of us ‘owned’ the vision – after-all it was originally Peter’s! Was all this ‘Spirit’ and ‘Word, joining shepherd’s crooks thing a little ‘far out there’?

Personally, having walked the CTNTP journey with Peter for around eighteen months, I believed I did have ownership. As an ex-policeman, it has felt very much that I’ve been following clues and ‘fingerprints’ left by The Lord. I’d accumulated lots of evidence to help prove the case! But for the other Team members?

Lunchtime, we went out for a walk and unexpectedly found ourselves in the Cathedral cafe. This is next to a small museum of history and artifacts and after eating we wandered in there, I remember actually saying, “let’s look for clues!”.

We had been in there for several minutes, before I suddenly noticed two old and unusual bishop’s crosiers, ‘shepherd’s crooks’ if you will, on display side by side.

Well that was unusual enough, but we then quickly noticed that one included in the labelling, ‘…enclosing a crystal upon which is engraved a dove symbolising the Holy Spirit’ Wow!

Turning to the second, we observed a small golden figure at the top, apparently labelled ‘REX’ – Latin= King – Jesus? – The Word! Double WOW!

Sometimes clues need a second examination and later we wondered if the golden figure wasn’t in-fact Christ but actually William Tyndale, who was the very first translator of much of the Bible into English – certainly the features closely resemble contemporary pictures of him?

Either way, we each believed the crosiers were a personal ‘sign’ and confirmation. Another clue, a ‘fingerprint’ left by God? – ‘Spirit’ and ‘Word’ – standing together but apart – and ready to be symbolically joined!


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