Love… ‘This was raw God’!

If you read our Blog Post on 14 April – click here – entitled, The Father’s Love Letter, you will know that the subject of God’s Love has been firmly placed on the agenda for CTNTP. As a result of what happened over this last weekend, I believe The Lord certainly wants to keep it there, and in the hearts and minds of all in our Nation!

Michael Curry speechWho would have thought that on Saturday just gone, an estimated 2 billion people around the World, would have heard a black American Bishop speak of the love of God, through Jesus Christ, and in front of the entire UK Royal Family! Of course, this was at the amazing wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle!

I’ve seen a few social media messages questioning some of Bishop Michael Curry’s theological views on relationships and marriage and a few who sounded indignant at the fact that he didn’t go the whole way to giving an appeal for Salvation!

But, come on! Praise The Lord! What way of opening so wide a conversation across our entire Nation and indeed the world, about the two greatest commandments, the Love of the true and only God for us his created, and how each of us should both love Him in return and each other! Let the Holy Spirit sort out the details in people’s hearts and minds!

I was recently in a prayer meeting at the World Prayer Centre, Birmingham and was drawn to the story of Creation. God rested on the seventh day and I imagined his heart slowing to a steady beat and that all his creation, and the heartbeats of Adam and Eve, synchronising and resonating along with it, all in perfect harmony.

I then saw how, when Adam and Eve sinned, took that forbidden fruit, their heartbeats became slightly off-beat with The Lord’s. Thousands of years later after the hearts of men and women throughout the Old Testament times still failed to fully ‘re-align’, Jesus was sent.

As Jesus cried on The Cross, ‘It is finished’, and breathed His last, I believe a ‘jolt’ went through the whole of creation that enabled a re-synchronisation of the heartbeat of God with mankind.

For God so loved the world, that He sent His only son, so that whoever believes in Him, will not perish, but [have his heartbeat re-aligned with The Father] and receive [again] eternal life. (John 3:16)

What an opportunity last weekend has created, for Christians everywhere to answer the questions that will surely arise about God’s love. To share about their faith in Jesus and how His Love that has changed and re-aligned their own hearts, and which can also so easily alter the heartbeat of their relatives, friends and colleagues – forever!

The beat of God’s heart says, ‘I love you’, ‘I love you’, ‘I love you’… Let’s respond in kind and see others drawn to receiving that amazing Love.

You might like this video from a Sky News interview of Bishop Michael and Archbishop Justin Welby, who at one point says, in response to a question about what people at the reception thought about the service, ‘This was raw God’! – click here to view

Sky interview bishops after royal wedding

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