TWO 29th September gatherings!

drumrollIt’s rather like holding one’s breath for an extended period, whilst listening to a roll on the drums! When when will the cymbals crash and the moment come when you can finally breathe out!

This is the walk of faith the Team of CTNTP seem to have been making for several months now, with regards to our proposed prophetic gathering on Saturday 29th September in the heart of our nation.

With now, a little over three months to go, at the beginning of the year, we rather hoped that by this time we would have had all the details sorted out, but this has truly been a one step at a time journey, where we continually sense God’s timing is much better than our impatience!

So, we’re still not quite able to reveal everything, but to say that on 30th May, Team member Jo Ognjanovic and I were able to have two meetings, that we believe brought further clarity and have significantly opened the way to the finalisation of the practical and spiritual details for Saturday 29th September.

Two gatherings

2017-11-07 13.44.07We are now planning TWO gatherings on 29th September!

This is what we currently see:

The first gathering will be late morning, in Coventry and within the ruins of the old Cathedral, a place that for decades has been set aside as a special place of unity and reconciliation. Here, we sense that we will symbolically capture the ‘spirit of reconciliation’, that the City of Coventry as a whole carries and represents. 

We are delighted to say that on 30th May, we obtained permission for the use of the old Cathedral site from The Dean.

Secondly, early afternoon, we are currently waiting for permission to be granted to have a second gathering, in a public space, in the nearby village of Meriden, the traditional centre, or as we are now seeing it, ‘The Heart’ of the UK. (The Father heart of God, His love for the British Isles and all who dwell here, is a growing theme for us).

We have recently met and are in conversation with all three church leaders in Meriden, who are excited for what we are seeing and supporting and standing alongside us as we proceed.

Releasing Revival to the nation and nations

2018-05-30 16.20.43Here at Meriden, symbolically the very heart of England, in essence we see the ‘spirit of reconciliation’ we will bring from Coventry, being ‘released by the symbolic joining of two shepherds crooks.

The joining of the shepherds crooks represent the coming together in unity, ‘as one’, of The Church in our nation, those of ‘The Spirit’ and those of ‘The Word’, as detailed in Smith Wigglesworth’s 1947 prophecy. 

We believe that through this prophetic act, as described by Smith Wigglesworth, the Holy Spirit will release a ‘ripple’ of Christian reconciliation, renewal and revival that will spread over the whole nation and out to the nations. 

(You can read more about the shepherds crooks and the Wigglesworth prophecy  – click here).

We know this is all a most bold statement of intent and we do not enter into any of this lightly. We know that unless The Lord has gone before us, we are simply wasting our time and nothing will happen! And yet, as we have journeyed in faith, time and time again, the clues, the evidence, God’s footsteps have appeared before us.

Please pray – planning meeting 25th June

The CTNTP Team and some local leaders, are meeting in Coventry in two weeks time to pray and to continue the planning.

Providing it is The Lord’s timing, by the beginning of July, we hope to release practical details and publicity material for the 29th September.

We ask you to pray that we continue to hear God’s voice… and do put the date in your diary!


David Gilbey
CTNTP UK Co-ordinator


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