The Wall of Answered Prayer

The WallA National Landmark of Hope


Imagine a huge and striking architectural landmark, right in the centre of England, which will not only be visible for miles around, but where you can visit and find one million answers to prayer, an exhibition to tell the story prayer in our nation over the centuries and a place to actually pray 24-7!

Well, it may not be something to simply imagine for much longer. A couple of days ago, CTNTP’s David GilbeyRichard Gamble went to rural Leicestershire, where he met the man who first heard God’s voice about this amazing project, Richard Gamble, CEO of The Wall. Richard passionately shared with David how The Lord has been miraculously guiding and providing!

The Wall is described as, ‘A piece of architectural sculpture built in the heart of the nation about Jesus. Made of a million bricks with each one representing an answered prayer’.

Land is now secured and they will begin building in 2020, but right now, Richard and his Team need further financial provision and not least thousands and thousands of prayers to add to those already sent.


God’s focus on the centre of England!

This is a truly amazing project and with the proposed site for The Wall just a few miles from Meriden, where CTNTP will be having our prophetic gathering on September 29th this year, we are believing there is a link between our respective visions.

The Wall is calling the nation to prayers!… and to discover The God who answers them through His son Jesus and the power of The Holy Spirit.

This project is a true step of faith of Biblical proportions. CTNTP urges you to support The Wall. Donate here:


Songs of Praise – 24th June

The Wall on Songs of PraiseThis Sunday, 24th June, you can tune into the BBC’s Songs of Praise -1.55pm on BBC 2 –  (don’t forget BBC iPlayer if you miss it live) and Richard Gamble will be describing how the project was born.

Alternatively, watch a short video on this page of Richard talking about The Wall:

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