Cords that cannot be broken?

This update contains some further thoughts along a similar theme as my last update on May 23 – A Shaking of the Nations:

There is a Christian worship song, now 40 years old, of which the chorus goes:

Bind us together, Lord,
bind us together
with cords that cannot be broken;
bind us together, Lord,
bind us together,
O bind us together with love.

Vote prayThe response to today’s UK General Election result, a hung Parliament, has again further illustrated the deep divisions in our Nation – and I don’t just mean the population as a whole, but within the Christian Community too!

I was quite upset at a thread on Facebook this afternoon where a Christian made a negative comment about the Prime Minister, who is widely believed to be a Christian herself and which was quickly populated by other derogatory even quite caustic responses against her personally, some by other Christians!

I’m reminded of the words of Jesus, recorded in John 13:35 – “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” If that be true, which it is, the opposite must also surely be true?

Elsewhere in the Bible, Jesus talks about a kingdom being divided against itself being unable to stand. (Mark 3:24). Whilst Jesus is specifically speaking about the kingdom of satan, nonetheless the principal helps to explain why fundamentally Society as a whole is unable to truly unite.

However, we who are Followers of Jesus, must demonstrate a love for each other that ensures, at all times, we are strong reflectors of God’s love to our fallen world. If we turn on each other, even if we feel justified in some way, our purpose to spread the Gospel message, will be quickly defeated before we begin.

We do not have to have exactly the same views, be in agreement over politics, other worldly things, or even disputable matters of Christian doctrine come to that, but we must be so careful how we express them.

We are commanded by Jesus himself to stand shoulder to shoulder, bound together with His love. We must be linked with ‘cords that cannot be broken’  – which is the message of Christ dying on the Cross for our sins, raising to life again, ascending back to His Father in Heaven, one day to return to rule and reign.

And may I suggest that the ‘glue’ that holds these cords of unity tight is surely prayer? Let’s pray for our Nation like at no other time and see ‘His Kingdom Come and His will be done, here on earth as it is in Heaven’

David Gilbey

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