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The vision and mission of CTNTP is developing organically and is very much based on relationship. Just as we have a close relationship with our Heavenly Father, we simply allow God to direct us to those with whom we feel He wants us to connect. Friendships, sometimes partnerships are then formed and out of these the way forward is slowly but surely opening up.

We hope to have more to say about more of these developing relationships over the next few weeks but are pleased at this time to be able to anounce the following:


Early Autumn 2017, I became aware of Rob Parker, who had recorded an album. All I knew was that it was something to do with praying around the coastlands of the UK? Despite knowing so little, I immediately felt quite strongly that I needed to find out more.

Maybe three or four weeks later, I was at a small prayer gathering at the World Prayer Centre offices in Birmingham, when I overheard a man talking about CTNTP’s Peter Hill and asking if anyone knew him? It was none other than Rob Parker and I quickly introduced myself!


Awake you who sleep

Awakening the coastlands albumRob, who is based in Bridlington, North Yorkshire and who is director of operations for WINGS Prayer House, wingsprayerhouse.com, actually had with him copies of his just about to be released CD, Awaken the Coastlands, described by one reviewer: “This album takes you on a historical yet prophetic trip around the nations of the United Kingdom, leaving you hungry for more…”. I acquired a copy.

I believe one track in particular, Awake you who sleep, very much encapsulates the vision of Call the Nation to Prayer. Rob has graciously allowed us to make it available to CTNTP. I believe it truly is an anthem or theme song, for what CTNTP is all about.

Youtube logoThe song is also set to a video – view it on YouTube – click here

We encourage you to purchase a CD or download of the album at Rob’s website: robparkerministries.com.


Partnering with Rob Parker and WINGS

I strongly felt that Rob had a role to play within CTNTP, particularly in view his clearly prophetic musical abilities with regard to our Objective, ‘Releasing a Sound‘ over the nation.

Rob came along as a guest to our Team meeting in Coventry in February and we are pleased to say that he has agreed to become part of the CTNTP Steering Team. WINGS  Prayer House will also be partnering with CTNTP and we will simply journey together and see what The Lord opens up.


Please pray that The Lord continues to nurture all of our relationships and without taking diversions, we keep walking the path we believe He has already laid for us.

David Gilbey

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