God is Saying: Tear This Down…

A primary desire of Call the Nation to Prayer is to see the Christians of the UK truly united, truly loving each other, being ‘As One’ with each other as Jesus is with His Heavenly Father. (John 17:11).

So often, those of different denominations and traditions, tolerate, bump along, have a measure of cooperation and relationship, but then squabble about procedural or doctrinal matters! This might be somewhat a generalisation, but where it is happening  -and it even happens within the same denominations and streams – it’s got to stop if we are to see revival in out Nation! TIME IS SHORT!

‘…Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”‘ John 13:35

We feel to bring you this ‘word’, published on 24th April 2018,  from Steve and Derene Shultz, of Elijah List Ministries. As with all prophetic words, do weight it against scripture and with what the Holy Spirit says to you.

God is Saying: Tear This Down – for the Next THREE MONTHS!

I’m just amazed at this…

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the shortest dreams, the ones that last only a few seconds, can be the most potent dreams of all?

Let me show you what goes right to the heart, and then I’ll add a second revelation from Chuck Pierce that will bring it on home.

So, a few years ago, this 15 second dream rocked my world: I was at an outdoor church picnic—not any particular church, just “a” church.

Friend and families were all playing together in such things as volleyball, egg tosses and other fun games.

What a picture of harmony among God’s people…

At least at a glance it appeared so.

Then I noticed that not just a volleyball net separated two sides, but also a fence—a brown picket fence—separated the people into two groups. You couldn’t walk around it. As I looked and looked some more, that fence went on as far as any eye could see. It went on until it disappeared from sight.

Then a voice came that only I could hear. The people didn’t seem to hear it, but I heard it.

“When you tear this fence down, when it’s all torn down, a revival will break out on earth such as the world has never seen!”

As I watched, the people began as a unified group, working together from both sides of the fence to force the fence to the ground. They even agreed on which way the fence would fall.

The dream ended.

When I awoke, it only took me seconds to grasp the meaning. God was saying, “When the Body of Christ tears down THE OFFENSES that are separating them from one another, THEN I can bring a revival upon the land—the likes of which the world has never seen!”

I ponder that dream a lot, and it came back to me a few days ago when Chuck Pierce spoke these words which have been transcribed for you here:

Prophecy, Danger and Warning – Not to Be Offended!
Spoken by Chuck Pierce on April 8, 2018:

Steve ShultzYou’ve got to shift your desires if you’re going to come and accomplish what Father wants right now. What He told Peter is: You are being bent. And see, 2018 is about “standing up straight”. And the word OFFENSE means: You’re being “bent over and stumbling at a key moment when you should be standing straight and standing strong.” 

So there is a danger now and a warning this week: not to be offended—and not to be offended over the next 3—I would have to say 3 months. Be careful that your offense is not aligned with some emotion that you’ve not dealt with. 

I have the fear of the Lord regarding taking offense over the next 3 months. I plan to take this word seriously and profit by doing so. I hope you’ll do this with me.

Let’s listen to the prophets and prosper.

Steve and Derene Shultz, Founders
Elijah List Ministries

email: info@elijahlist.net


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