Six Miles with Jesus – Week 4: Praying for new pregnancies

From our friends at Neighbourhood Prayer Network

See our article, Six Miles with Jesus over the Summer Holidays for details –Click here.

Mile walk, week commencing 13th August – Praying for new pregnancies and new parents




We are asking everyone to go ‘A Mile with Jesus’ in your local community.

  • If you live in urban areas, simply walk one mile around your area.
  • If you live in a rural area, consider praying over a map.
  • If you are unable to walk, please pray in your mind about the local area.


Isaac (Genesis 21:1-7) Joseph (Genesis 30:22-23) Jacob (Genesis 25:20-21) Samuel (1 Samuel 1:1-19) John the Baptist (Luke 1:1-25) were all babies born to women struggling to conceive.  A crisis can hit as women age, suffer a miscarriage or a medical investigation reveals a problem, or just out of desperation.


Praise God for all babies born to men and women who have struggled with fertility. Thank God for all children in your neighbourhood and for all pregnant women and new Mothers.

  • Pray for couples desperate to conceive a baby, that they will seek God in prayer, lead healthy lives and that their relationship is filled with mutual love.
  • Pray for women couples who have suffered a miscarriage, for healing and for their miracle pregnancy
  • Pray protection over all unborn children in your street, that they will make it to term.
  • Pray for miracle pregnancies where couples have been given little hope of having their own children and all desperate for a child
  • Thank God for all parents considering adoption and all children who have found a new home with new families, for peace and happiness within that home.
  • Pray for the medical profession to see ‘surprise pregnancies’ as a testimony to them.
  • Pray for all women considering an abortion to reconsider.


  • Bless a new Mother in your neighbourhood with a present for the baby or some food in the first few weeks from your church.
  • If you know of a woman desperate for another baby, pray each day for them.


  • Almost every church has a story of a baby born as a result of prayer, share this if you have the opportunity with someone.


Next week we are praying for those struggling with mental health issues; a growing problem in all areas of the UK.

Rebekah Brettle
Neighbourhood Prayer Network

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