The Lion of England – its legs bound

Facilitated by World Prayer Centre, Birmingham, on 4th/5th January, a number of Regional and National Leaders, involved with Prayer, gathered at The Beacon House of Prayer, Stoke-on Trent. It was for 24 hours of prayer, to seek God personally, for their ministries and for the nation, at the very start of 2019. Four of those present were involved with Call the Nation to Prayer.

During a session on 4th January, David Vincent, of London Prayer – – received a vision and revelation that he shared with those present. It was felt by all to be significant and with his permission, we reproduce it here for you to discern:


lion of england in flagIn the room was a lion, I knew it was the England lion, as I’d met it before (when the S. Korean prayer team were at Marsham St. [central London] a few years ago). It was awake but unable to move as it was chained. Each of the legs had been pulled outwards by the chain resulting in the lion lying flat on its stomach, this position as well as preventing it from moving I knew was preventing it from having its voice and strength. I was puzzled by this and asked why is it chained? Is that heaven’s doing?

Looking I saw that each of its paws around the ankle had a chain around it, which was being pulled by Lilliput like little people who were about the height of it’s paw. There were lots of them on each paw – although I was just looking at the front left paw. I knew that this pulling in different directions was to do with disunity and conflicting tensions pulling at the lion. In order for the lion to stand and get its voice back it needed to be free of these chains.

The picture then changed to see a map like view of the UK, with the lion, now massive and the size of the UK standing over the UK with a different paw in each of the UK’s nations. The front left was in NI, front right in Scotland, the rear left in Wales and the rear right in England. It stood over the UK in a possessive manner, as a lion would naturally guard it’s kill. I knew that the paws not in England were the reason the lion was chained in the way that I’d seen and the it needed to return all four paws to stand on England.

The presence of the paws was harmful to the lands it was on. In fact as I looked at the paws I was thinking of the bloodshed of the English on these lands – I specifically thought of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms in the 1600s which asserted the rule of Parliament over these land including the deaths caused by English troops under Cromwell in Ireland and I also reminded of Culloden and the death with the Jacobites. In Wales it was less about blood and more about servitude.

I was viewing all of this from the position of high up I suppose above the English Channel by the Isle of Wight. As the lion lifted its paw off Wales to move it back to England, there was a burst of fire that came from the ground like a volcano, a fiery well that had been covered. The phrase I had was wildfire, the lion’s paw had been stopping the wells of Celtic wildfire in the land. The lion needed to stand again in England and as it did so it was no longer being pulled in different directions.

I then saw that the pulling on the lion was the tensions that existed due to it’s positioning in the different parts of the UK. There were factions in each of these nations that had the lion chained, it was partly the “We won’t let you go” as the lion there gave these constituent parts a greater voice and power in their (the people pulling on the chains) minds and also it was about the power of the bloodshed and the controlling wrong leadership style (Empire) that the lion had created the ties to these lands.

The whole debate about Brexit came to mind and the competing voices of the different nations (DUP, SNP as well as the assemblies) about this pulling Parliament in different directions making it less able to stand was an example.

As the lion stood on England alone and the fires were released I saw the other creatures of the UK come stand beside it and together they looked up and there was a large cross that they were looking at, and I knew that there was a true unity in the UK that was each nation finding its voice in the calling and identity it was given by God. The lion no longer dominating allowing the other nations to find their voice, but there was the emphasis that their identity was in Jesus not as others may seek to define them as they found their own voices.

[We had a] Time of prayer of repentance over the way England had treated the other nations, the way it had sought to bring control over the wildfire of the Holy Spirit in the land.

David Vincent

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