The Sound Conference – 21 to 23 Feb

This exciting conference has been brought to our attention, following the same theme of ‘Releasing a Sound‘ of Heaven, that The Lord has previously spoken to CTNTP about. (Note that CTNTP are not connected to the organisers): 

The Sound Conference Feb 2019.jpg

‘There is an Unprecedented move of the Spirit of God upon us, and we believe that you have a key part to play. As people called as forerunners for a generation, we individually and collectively carry a Sound from God that when released, causes the darkness to Tremble, the walls to come down, and the fullness of His promises to be made known.

As ones after God’s own heart we want to encourage and stir the gift that is within you, and the call that is upon you, to see the Kingdom of God released through you in even greater measure in this season.

Two days and Three nights of Incredible Worship, Teaching, Prayer, Prophecy, and Ministry, with Misty Edwards, Rick Pino, Luke Finch, and others.

Come, as we join together as ONE and lift up The Sound…

‘The Sound Conference’ – 21-22-23 February 2019

Rainton Meadows Arena
Mercantile Road

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