Worship on the Streets

Worship on the Streets is about sharing God’s love and power on the streets through worship.

What they are about reflects the vision of CTNTP of the Releasing of a Sound over our Nation.

Please check out their website: worshiponthestreets.co.uk and draw inspiration and support them in all they are doing..

Reproduced below is their latest newsletter -or view on MailChimp – Click Here


Stories from the Streets – April 2019

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me, though they may die, they shall live.” John 11:25

Easter is a time when we celebrate both the resurrection of Jesus and the new life He offers each of us. We ended this term on the streets celebrating that new life being given to one of the passers by we met whilst worshipping in North Shields…

We had been worshipping for a little while when I was suddenly reminded of the story of God telling Ezekiel to prophesy to the “dry bones” that they would come to life (Ezekiel 37). With that in mind, we began spontaneously singing “Let there be life!” over and over again. What we didn’t know though was at the same time as us singing this, one of our team members was sitting on a bench nearby sharing the gospel with a passerby. After about half an hour of chatting about what it means to follow Jesus, our team member simply asked the man if he wanted to receive Jesus into his life for himself. The man said he wanted to and together they bowed their heads, held hands and prayed together as this gift of a new life was received once again. In just over 15 years of following Jesus, there is still few things that compare to seeing someone come to know Him for themselves and experience the new life that He offers.





We wish you a very joy-filled Easter!.Thank you for all your support for Worship On The Streets and helping us share God’s gift of this new life with others.

With much love

Aaron and the Worship On The Streets Team x

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