Prayer for our Prisons – introducing Daylight

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Daylight is a Christian charity that exists to share the Gospel with prisoners, to support prisoners during their sentences and to provide practical post-release support to reduce the likelihood of reoffending.


Daylight July 2019 newsletter header

Jonny has been coming along to one of our weekly Bible study groups for the past five years. Knowing he was due to be released the following week, at his last session we asked him to share his testimony with the other men.

He spoke about committing his crime six years ago and then going on the run for several months. Feeling he couldn’t face prison or continue to run, he was moments from taking his life when someone pulled him back and persuaded him to give himself up. Jonny became a Christian in prison and has hardly missed a Bible study session over the years he has been there. We have seen him grow in grace and spiritual understanding and he has now become a really mature believer.

Please pray that Jonny will continue to know the Lord’s presence and leading in his life after release and that the church he is attending will support and encourage him in his Christian walk…

To read the complete newsletter – click here to open as a pdf document.

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