Passion for the Nation – Declarations to Change a Nation

Passion for the Nation flag logo

About 2016, I found myself at the World Prayer Centre Trumpet Call event in Birmingham and sitting next to a lady I had not met before, Suzanne Ferrett. It was during the meeting that I discovered that she was the founder an organisation called Passion for the Nation, the purpose of which was to establish God’s Kingdom purposes for the nation through prayer, declaration and decree. This very much sparked my interest!

Suzanne Ferrett

I later contacted Suzanne and a number of weeks later, we both travelled from our homes, which were miles apart, in opposite directions around the M25, and met halfway between at a roadside Starbucks. We exchanged our stories and left, unclear what God might have for us both together in the future. But in my mind at least, certain that Call the Nation to Prayer and Passion for the Nation, were all about the same thing – seeing The Kingdom of Heaven come to the United Kingdom!

In 2017, Suzanne joined The Team of Call the Nation to Prayer and was very involved in the planning and taking part, making Declarations over the UK, at our 2018, ‘As One’ event in Coventry and nearby Meriden. Read what Suzanne declared on the day, click here to view them on a pdf document.

Declarations to change a nation booklet

Suzanne’s passion is to equip the Church to transform the nation. She has authored several booklets of transformative Declarations – click here to go to her online shop.

Suzanne continues to write regular Declarations over the UK, which are in tune with unfolding events in the nation and open for anyone to use.

Find out more and get involved with declaring, God’s Kingdom Come, over the UK.



David Gilbey
UK Coordinator CTNTP

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