One Accord – A prayer and fasting initiative in London in 2020

A personal message from our friend David Vincent of London Prayer:

London Prayer

One Accord – A prayer and fasting initiative in London in 2020
I have a degree of frustration and heartbreak that we are not seeing the improvements that so many are crying out for in regard to the ongoing issue of street violence we are facing. Locally, there are many good responses and prayer initiatives by some churches have resulted in local improvements. Over London as a whole though the issue is still severe as the news headlines testify.

Local results from increased resources and personnel are by the Police sometimes referred to as Crime Displacement. It feels a bit like that in prayer too. The solution is that there needed to be a unified response from the whole body of Christ to this issue covering all areas, continuously. As the Church from its many different traditions stands together in one accord, day after day, to pray for this specific issue I believe we will start to see a London-Wide shift.

So that is what we are proposing. In 2020 every day will be covered by a church taking responsibility for this issue in prayer and fasting. We are partnering across church denominations and providing resources for people to pray in their own way in their own communities. We are also encouraging this prayer to engage the communities feeling the pain of loss through violence, but who may be unfamiliar to prayer spaces.

Over the year we will be supporting churches and groups involved but at this point are looking for churches and groups who will support this initiative and agree to sign up.

The sign-up functionality will be added to in November and the resources will be being added in preparation for Jan 2020.

David Vincent

Click here to view and download the Draft Proposal for this initiative as a pdf file – it is also available on the London Prayer website.

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