The Wall of Answered Prayer – can you be one of their 2019 Heroes?

The Wall is such an amazing God inspired project! We urge you to consider supporting them financially and here are their latest Prayer Points too.

The Wall’s most critical 6 weeks so far

We are now weeks away from submitting our planning application. To make this happen, we need to find £145,000 in the next 6 weeks, and we want you to help us hit this target.

We are looking for 2019 heroes to donate £72 each to hit this ambitious target – could you be one of them?

On Saturday 14th December we will celebrate hitting our target with a party, and we will invite all of our 2019 Heroes. We hope to see you there!


Prayer Points

• Please pray that God would provide abundantly for our 2019 fundraiser, and that as people sow into the project we will all reap a rich harvest in the years to come.

• We are so thankful for your support, no matter how small. Please pray and see if God is asking you to donate to The Wall of Answered Prayer.

• Praise God that our public consultations have gone smoothly. Please pray that there will be no feedback that hinders our planning application.


If you would like to pray for The Wall more regularly, please consider joining our team of intercessors. Contact us for more info.

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