The Wall – Planning Application Progress

A great update from our friend’s at The Wall of Answered Prayer

The Wall - location decal


Could you be a Groundbreaker?

Things are progressing rapidly at The Wall of Answered Prayer. We’re looking forward to getting a green light on our planning application in early June. Anticipating a smooth run during the rest of 2020, we aim to break the ground in December.

Hand in hand with this wonderful momentum comes cost outlays. Right now we are having to make spending decisions for the future and set things in place to get us to the build stage. It’s all scaling up now and we need the financial resources to propel us forward. It really is a gigantic undertaking, but we trust a God with infinite resources who moves powerfully through his people.

Could you make a monthly commitment and join us in making history? We’re looking for a big team of Groundbreakers to flesh out The Wall in 2020. Could you be one of the first of these groundbreaking pioneers and invest monthly to help us achieve our goal of revealing Jesus to the nation?

Click here to go to The Wall, Total giving site

Prayer Points

• We are thrilled that our planning application has been submitted and the review is well underway. Please pray that this process continues to go smoothly, without significant obstacles or issues.

• We are so thankful for our current monthly donors. However, we need more in order to meet our increasing outgoings – please pray that God will meet our monthly needs.

• We are grateful to be receiving invites and opportunities to speak at churches and conferences throughout 2020. Please pray for us to secure opportunities that will lead to amazing connections and fruitful support.

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