Releasing Heaven – a personal testimony

Have you a desire to see signs, wonders and miracles, people healed and set free? Well it is much a case of gaining the right perspective of who we are in Christ and responding to His voice! 

David Gilbey, UK Coordinator of CTNTP, records what happened last week, and what it led to three days later:

Last Thursday, I attended a strategic leader’s prayer meeting in the City of Birmingham. As we started the morning in worship, I got a strong picture of a funnel, a vortex, connecting Heaven and earth. I saw a portal – our prayers were causing us to be a conduit between the two realms. 

I then recalled the story of Jacob’s ladder – the portal of Angelic activity described in Genesis 28.

Releasing HeavenThat evening I travelled to a seemingly unconnected meeting for dinner with Dr Candice Smithyman, co-pastor of Freedom Destiny Church and her daughter, who were over from the USA, and my friend and CTNTP Team Member, Suzanne Ferrett, who also heads up, Passion for the Nation. We had a wonderful time. Candice kindly gave us a copy of her new book, Releasing Heaven.  

During dinner, I mentioned previous prophecies over my life, that I would move in signs, wonders and miracles and see amazing healings!

Before we left, Candice prayed with us, and I knew something significant had taken place, particularly as we all then discovered some tiny flakes of gold dust on our hands and sleeves!

2020-03-06 13.56.40
Suzanne, Candice and David during their meeting for dinner last week

The next day I started to read Releasing Heaven. Wow! Awesome! (Not words we Brits. use frequently!). Candice’s insights immediately started to bring sharp focus to truths I was already aware of concerning my Heavenly position and authority, but which over time had become dulled.

My eyes really widened as I reached Chapter Three, entitled, Gateway to Heaven, where Candice opens up the whole subject of Heavenly portals, specifically referring to the story of Jacob, about which God had spoken to me just the previous morning!

Well, two days later the miracles have started!

A week before the wife of a close friend had a serious surgical procedure to her jaw. She had since been in pain, unable to open or move her jaw properly and had found it almost impossible to take in even liquid food by straw. She had lost several pounds in weight.

Sunday at Church this dear lady was able to explain the situation. As she spoke I felt what I can best describe as a tangible ‘rush’ of faith and felt compelled to pray for her. I made a declarative prayer for her ability to eat to be restored (and secondly for her jaw bone density at the procedure site to be restored. It was just 1.6 mm)

The next morning, I got the following message from my friend:

‘Praise God! … [my wife] got up this morning suddenly realising she can now open her mouth wide. Eating, albeit still no solids will be without hindrance. Likewise, she will now be able to clean her teeth. Pain is practically zero. Thank you Jesus…! This is important to both of us as I go away to [Bible] college today for the week knowing she is so much better. We are overjoyed with this surprise even with our own measures of faith. What was a dark prognosis is turning out to be a victory for Jesus!’

Waiting now to hear about the bone density!

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  1. Praise the Lord for your new anointing and faith for healing and miracles. May the Lord use you mightily. Blessings, Mary

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