Coronavirus – Praying at this time of Global Crisis

Soldiers on the Western Front in a happy mood as they eat a meal to celebrate Christmas Day in a shell hole partly occupied by the grave of a comrade.It is said that in the last World War that there was no such thing as an atheist in the trenches! Well, right now we are in the midst of a Global war on coronavirus, and Prayer is surely on the agenda of many more than it was!

Whether we pray as a result of a large scale ‘call to prayer’, or on the other end of the scale as individuals, every cry to our Heavenly Father is precious and is heard. We must all take our part in the 24-7 groundswell of prayer and praise that, like we read in 2 Chronicles 20, will defeat the enemy.

Golden prayer bowlsRevelation 5:8, shows us that our prayers fill Golden Bowls of Heaven… and surely, the answers are starting to tip back down to earth – Heaven, The Kingdom of God is coming to Earth!

Keep praying, as The Spirit leads you.  An end times revival awakening is surely upon the earth!

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