Praying for the NHS in London

Just received from our friend, David Vincent, at London Prayer

London Prayer white

Dear Friends

I wanted to share with you a simple initiative for raising informed prayer for the NHS in London at this critical time. London Prayer has created a single point of contact for those wanting to regularly pray for London’s NHS or for NHS staff wanting to share prayer requests which we can guarantee will be prayed for.

A contact number (07857 051229) has been set up from which a single daily prayer update based upon reports from across London and its NHS staff will be sent. Staff can text this number if they or their hospital needs urgent prayer.

More details are online here:
Download a printable pdf document of the scheme  – click here.

These documents and the above phone number can be shared publicly.

At London Prayer we want to facilitate effective regular prayer for the NHS at this time and also to stimulate churches to create prayer groups to pray for their local health services so that together we cast a net of prayer over our city and those working on the front line.

Many thanks
David Vincent

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