God’s Miracle at Dunkirk – a reflection by Richard Gamble of The Wall

When Call the Nation to Prayer came to be back in 2016, one of the very first reflections was about whether there could be a national call to prayer. This page was created on this website: ctntp.uk/other-insights/the-miracle-of-dunkirk

We have just received an email circulation containing a stirring video, on the same subject, from our friend Richard Gamble, who heads up The Wall of Answered Prayer.


The Wall with wording

God’s Miracle at Dunkirk

On the 24th of May it will be the 80th anniversary of the King of England calling the nation to pray. We have created a video that captures the story of the miracles that happened at Dunkirk. Please use it as you deem appropriate. Our prayer is that God would be glorified in the sharing of this story.

To watch the above video on YouTube itself – click here

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