Global Transmission, Global Mission – free eBook

Recently released by Operation World –

“The body of Christ can shine, both in cultivating the discipline of prayer as in demonstrating the power of prayer.” Jason Mandryk

Operation World e-Book on Covid -19 cover

CoVid-19 is proving a disruptive, distressing, and divisive force throughout the world. How do mission-minded Christians respond? What happens to the Great Commission when the world is on lockdown? In this short e-book, Jason Mandryk, the author of Operation World, takes readers through a sweeping overview of the implications of the coronavirus for the global Church, and specifically, its impact on global mission.

In compiling this analysis, the Operation World team interacted with ministry and mission leaders in every region of the world, getting input on how to pray for different nations afflicted by CoVid-19 as well as strategic considerations from a wide array of missiological contexts.

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