Arise!! – Woman of Britain & The Nations – 25-27 June

We have been made aware of this opportunity for women to gather for prayer:

Arise Zoom Conference June 2020

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you why we are holding the ARISE WOMEN OF BRITAIN AND THE NATIONS conference, and invite you to attend on ZOOM. Please be informed that this is no ordinary meeting.

On 30th May 2020, the LORD spoke to me in three short consecutive dreams, and asked me to hold this conference. Each time I would wake up briefly in between my conversation with Him and then fall asleep again. In the dreams, I was reluctant to hold the conference, but I asked Him, “What is this conference about?” He replied, “Arise Women of Britain and the Nations.” I reluctantly asked, “Where can I hold this conference?” The reply came, “On ZOOM.” I asked the third question, “Who am I to invite to speak?” He answered, “Azuka and Linda.” Then I fully woke up!

After prayerfully considering the dream, we fixed the dates as ‪Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th June 2020‬. The Lord would, however, soon give further insight into the significance of the dates.

On 27 June 2016, I received a word of prophecy for the Body of Christ, which we sent out to many leaders, both in the UK and abroad, asking the Church to prepare for the times ahead and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. One of the leaders I sent it to, wrote back to me with a clearer interpretation of the prophecy; and said that the prophecy would expire in four years. Our ministry has diligently stewarded this prophecy, prayed over it and, by God’s grace, held at least 18 events in response to it, including the recent 40 days of Prayer For Revival In Britain, during the period of Lent.

Last week, the Lord brought to my attention that the expiration date of the prophecy falls on the last day of this conference (‪27 June 2020‬), and I was dumbfounded! It is certainly not a coincidence, that the “four-year prophecy” would end on the last day of a conference called for by God Himself!!! I believe the LORD is up to something, and that is why you cannot afford to miss this conference!!! (Men may also attend).

Already women from several nations have registered, however, I am particularly asking the indigenous women of Britain to endeavour to attend, as the call to “Arise” is to them first, and then to women of the nations. I believe that whatever, God intends doing during this conference would be of a huge benefit to the Church in Britain.

You may attend wherever you are because it’s on ZOOM (online). See the flyer above for more details. Register now online at You will be sent the logon details after you register.

If you have already registered, kindly share this information with others who may be interested in attending. Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Every blessing in Christ

Apostle Jennifer Abigail Lawson-Wallace
Convener, QUIVER
CEO, Women In Tune

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