The Gathering for Racial Justice – Parliament Square, London – 3 July

This Gathering for Prayer in our Capitol has just come to our attention. The team at World Prayer Centre, Birmingham, also gives an opportunity to give prayer support for this gathering online.

Call for prayer for Racial Justice July 2020

The Gathering for Racial Justice | Friday 3 July 2020 | Isaiah 58:6

The President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and ministers of colour, joined by other ministers and Christians of goodwill, propose to protest against racial injustices in our society on Friday 3 July 2020 in Parliament Square London and are inviting participation and prayer backing.

The Rev Yinka Oyekan (Senior Pastor of The Gate Church, Reading, and President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain) and the team are inviting intercessors to join them at 8.30 am on Friday 3rd July in Parliament Square to prepare the ground in prayer (or come during the morning) and take part in the whole Gathering, 12.00 pm-1.00 pm. And if you cannot travel to London, please pray where you are – on your own or with others via phone/ zoom.

World Prayer Centre team invites you to join us as we worship and enthrone Jesus as Lord; kneel and intercede for His justice to flow into every heart, and into every part of our society where racial justice has been ignored and denied.

We will be on Facebook Live from 11.45 am -1.15 pm – join us on the WPC Facebook page as we will be:

  • Pleading the blood of Jesus and His covenant of love as we come in humility.
  • Calling out for God’s gift of repentance.
  • Interceding for His truth, righteousness and justice to flow into our governments, our Church and across our nations.
  • Asking for wisdom and protection for the leaders and their families: Yinka Oyekan, Alex Afriye, Mike Royal, David Ellis and Comfort Adejoh.
  • Crying for His mercy and protection against the spirit of lawlessness, and praying for the police and all who guard our streets.

And let us continue to pray beyond the Gathering to see justice flow.

For more information about background, timings and what to wear for The Gathering for Racial Justice 12.00 pm-1.00 pm

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